The recent announcement that one of the most popular FPS franchises is making a “comeback” quite expectedly grabbed the attention of worldwide gaming enthusiasts. As most true lovers of first-person shooting games have already experienced the excellent gameplay with previous installments, the latest release could be nothing but the good news.

Even among those who seriously doubted Sledgehammer Games would manage to introduce enough innovation to top all the previous installments,

Advanced Warfare was well received. Of course, there is still some degree of risk in terms of sales benefits, especially considering the fact that the previous titles – Call of Duty: Ghosts, Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2 – didn’t generate some significant income.

However, Advanced Warfare does come with some interesting new options for those who’re into excellent FPS gaming experience.

Now available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, the new COD title takes you once again to the realistic, if largely futuristic, battleground landscape.



Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare screenshot

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare screenshot

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 The Single-Player Story

Similar to previous in the franchise, the story plot is well thought-out and intended to take you through both disasters of battlefield and the emotional attachment to the cause.

In 2054, a United States Marine Corps private Jack Mitchell participates in the battle against North Koreans in Seoul along with his squadmates. After one of them dies, he’s offered to join a corporation whose CEO is a father of the fallen squadmate and is played by Kevin Spacey.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare screenshot

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The story further includes a series of terrorist attacks, political involvements and multiple shifts across the countries such as Argentina, Bulgaria, etc.

Obviously, the plot promises to take you on an interesting journey through different settings that are intended to inspire a sense of battlefield thrill.


The Setting

The futuristic setting is certainly a great move for Sledgehammer Games that did manage to depict it quite well. With the creative military tech and weaponry, the game moves beyond the familiar landscapes of Modern Warfare, and does so in an enticing way.

Probably the most interesting introduction in terms of armory is the exoskeleton, which gives a whole new dimension to the game especially in the multiplayer version.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare screenshot

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Namely, the exo suit is a frame of armor that gives you some super strengths such as boost-jump or firing off. This is clearly something we didn’t get to see in the previous installments, although some other games such as Titanfall offer some similar experiences.

The multiplayer version is much more dynamic with the powers exo suits bring. Jumping high into the air and quickly shifting across stages makes Call of Duty fun in a new sort of way, although it may take some time for most players to get the hang of it.


E3 Demo Gameplay


Gameplay: Discover Your Power

Much like all the other titles, Advanced Warfare is made in a first-person shooter perspective but it also introduces several changes. There are, of course, some new weapons and visual tweaks that promise sleek gameplay, while one of the major changes is the fact all the information is presented via a holographic display.

This largely facilitates game management in comparison to previous installments and lets you shift across screens more easily.

With a bunch of futuristic, high-tech additions in terms of both weaponry and display, Advanced Warfare definitely translates into an amazing experience.

The enhancements such as improved weapon balancing and sleeker preview are definitely designed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding players.


Technical Tweaks

Exactly one month after the initial release on November 4th, Sledgehammer Games announced an update to Advanced Warfare, which promises to make your experience even better. The update includes balancing tweaks, map exploit and emblem fixes, connectivity optimizations, as well improvements within the Player Lobby.

Some improvements are also planned for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, while the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (yay!) were released just now.


 Overall Impressions

Advanced Warfare clearly arrives with a difficult task of beating the glory of previous successful installments. According to what we saw, the latest update can certainly compete with them in most critical aspects and is not likely to disappoint you.

Overall, it seems that the game creators knew exactly what they were doing when planning this release and they definitely did much to keep the audience entertained.


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