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Motorola-Verizon partnership has recently yielded yet another killer smartphone people already went crazy about. Certainly, it’s not unusual for a new model to awake such a great interest among early adopters, but Droid Turbo indeed came with many innovative features most users are likely to love.

Those familiar with the tech specs of its relative Moto X may have assumed Droid Turbo won’t have too much to offer, but this is not the case. Although perhaps not as charming in design, Droid Turbo’s overall performance compensates for it.

The new processor, camera quality and battery capacity are certainly some of the most conspicuous advantages that top the performance of Moto X in most key aspects.

Now, let’s dig a bit deeper.


Look and Feel

Motorola Droid Turbo

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Turbo Droid is full-sized with 2.89 in. width and 5.56 in. height, but its design makes it look much slimmer. Thanks to the innovative materials such as Metallized Glass Fiber, the phone weighs only 5.96 oz., which is pretty decent given its size.

Lightweight yet powerful, the new model will already appeal to the widest possible audience. But, of course, there’s much more.

Motorola Droid Turbo display

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With the 5.2” screen size and the Turbo Quad HD, Droid Turbo provides excellent display clarity, suitable for taking quality photos and making neat videos. The default resolution is 2560 × 1440, which is way clearer than what most of its competitors have to offer.

The 21-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel facing camera, along with the dual LED flash further improve the visual experience, enabling you to capture any important moment clearly. Pocketnow did photo/video samples which are available here.


Features and Performance

Motorola Droid Turbo battery

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The greatest differentiator of Motorola Droid Turbo, especially with respect to Moto X, is its long-lasting battery. While the latter’s battery capacity is generally dissatisfying, Turbo Droid lets you run all sorts of apps for 48 hours, at least on paper.

Of course, this goes only for the regular use and if you plan to run some really extensive applications all they long, don’t be surprised if the battery fails you.

On the good side, however, Droid Turbo comes with the Turbo Charge that can add up to 8hrs to your battery life in only 15 minutes, which is a great feature for people in the rush.

Generally, the battery-related features are quite impressive, meaning that no other smartphone model is likely to make you happy as this one.

As for the general performance, the 2.7 GHz quad-core beast of the CPU and 3GB RAM translate into excellent experience you’re not likely to have with any other device currently available. Here are some handy benchmarks by LaptopMag.



Android 4.4.4 KitKat

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Just like most other Motorola models, Droid Turbo runs a clean Android version, 4.4.4. “KitKat” in this particular case.

On the software side, too, the phone meets the expectations of even the most demanding users; similar to Moto X, it lets you do some awesome stuff such as asking a question or posting a Facebook status using voice commands.

Additionally, some of the well-known Motorola-specific applications are included to help you manage the device more easily.

If you’ve previously used Moto X, you’re probably familiar with the features of Droid Assist and Droid Zap, which were probably the two most talked-about applications when Moto X rolled out.



Droid Assist ensures your phone’s behavior is in line with your schedule and automatically adjusts to the time of day or your meeting schedule.

Droid Zap, on the other hand, is an interesting photo management app that lets you share your images on social networks simply by swiping them with two fingers.



The device is currently available to the US-based Verizon users only and the pricing starts at $199.99 for a 32GB model with a two-year contract and $249.99 for the 64GB one. Full retail prices are $599.99 and $649.99, respectively.



Regardless of your previous experience with Motorola products, Droid Turbo is not likely to disappoint you in any aspect. The increased battery capacity is probably its major advantage over most of the competing models that still seem unable to combine weight and design to suit the needs of modern hectic life.

As for visuals, the improved display and light features can provide excellent quality images, which certainly matters to the widest population of smartphone users.

Overall, the innovative technologies and built-in apps should serve you well regardless of the amount of time you spend using your phone.

Therefore, it’s safe to say Motorola simply killed it with the latest design and even the Moto X users will undoubtedly agree with this once they try it out.


Posted by Howard Bell

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