It is always exciting to read and learn about new technologies that are to hit the shelves over the course of the current year, but exploring the predictions on what to expect within the next 3 means delving a bit into fantasizing. CES 2017 gave us such a glimpse into the near future of the advanced technology that is said to become common somewhat soon. Here are some technologies we can expect to enter our lives in the near future.

The Future in VR

Have you heard about Oculus Rift? Well, of course you have. What about HoloLens from Microsoft? Quite possibly. It is quite clear that virtual reality technologies will soon take over many scientific, technological and entertainment fields. Even Facebook has claimed that it will come up with a VR device, to work as a teleporter of sorts, taking the users anywhere, real or imagined, by means of virtual spaces and advanced touch sensors. It is said that this will hit the market by the year 2025, so prepare for the whole new way of going on vacation and visiting friends!

Autonomous Cars

Although this technology sounds like a scene from Philip K. Dick’s “Minority Report”, the technology is already being studied and tested in California and Nevada – the prototype is able to read road signs, traffic lights, find alternative routes and avoid pedestrians and imminent danger in general. Google, Chevy, Audi, Nissan and Tesla are also exploring this technology and the proven safety records and user-friendliness is likely to persuade even the most skeptical of buyers into considering this technology. This technology is already being considered for legislation, so it is only a matter of time until autonomous cars become an integral part of our lives.

3D Printing and Body Parts

3D printing is already being constantly talked about, this technology allows the user to create a precise physical model of an object, by means of an in-detail digital blueprint. Medicine and dentistry are most likely to benefit from this technology, when it comes to 3D bone-printing and even tissues and other sorts of implants. In fact, many patients have already benefited greatly from medicinal 3D printing, accepting functional 3D printed limbs, ears, noses, kidneys, bones and even blood vessels. 3D printing labs are expected to be seen within the next decade!

Cyborgs are Taking Over

Implanting devices under the skin has been explored in many movies and video games. However, the technology is far from, well, far away – the embeddable implants will have a wide range of functions, from unlocking one’s personal smartphone, to tracking one’s bodily functions and even helping the blind see. Technologies like brainwave sensors, and display enhanced forearm are already starting to make us seem like cyborgs. It will be interesting to see what new and exciting modifications await us in the near future.

The mentioned technologies may not have been yet fully announced and introduced, but these concepts serve as more than merely something to consider. In fact, most of these are likely to happen by the 2020s and some even within the next couple of years.

Posted by Isla Wright

Isla is a techs-savvy psychology professor, who considers herself more of a student since she is constantly in the process of learning. Although she lives and works in Darwin, Isla spends every chance she gets travelling and getting to know new people and new cultures. She combines her love of technology, teaching and travelling with her work. The small amount of free time that she has is reserved for her family and her yoga classes, which she says keep her centered.