The annual CES show will be held in Vegas on January 6 and as every year, many of us are very excited to see what technological innovations will be revealed this time.

For example, those interested in the Internet of Things will be pleased to see Bosch Sensortech present its new piece of technology. There will also be a presentation of a useful new app that will be used to connect doctors and patients.

Many tech giants and smaller companies as well will present devices and apps that are useful in various fields, such as DNA printing, data gathering and many more.

Smart Homes

Bosch Sensortech is working on enabling the Internet of Things and connecting as many portable devices as possible creating a new sense of security in life, as well as making it easier for us to do a variety of different things in our homes and outdoors.

They will launch a new multifunctional sensor that will be able to connect locally with a range of applications such as the IoT, consumer electronics and wearable pieces of technology.

Other than this, the company will also showcase the entirety of their portfolio, one of the products being a fitness tracking wristband with an integrated BME280 sensor. Smart homes are no longer something out of a science fiction movie- the future is already here.

Medical Assistance

Another interesting presentation will be that of the Doctor On Demand application. It allows you to contact a doctor and receive instant medical assistance. When you demand a doctor, you can choose from several categories: board certified physicians, psychologists, pediatrics and lactation consultants.

This is a great way to avoid spending too much time on driving to the hospital if there is no real need or you can get advice from a professional when you have to take immediate action. Doctor On Demand is an excellent app, a perfect example of how consumer electronics changes lives for the better.

You can have full length sessions with a psychologist from the comfort of your home or provide first aid in case of an emergency.

Smart Clothing

The are countless pieces of wearable technology that is now being promoted, but I will focus here on something that is possibly more that just a wristband or a watch. A french company created the D Shirt, a smart shirt which basically monitors physical activity.

Other than measuring your pulse, body temperature and breathing rate, it also measures your jogging speed, the distance covered and more.

When done with physical activity you can simply transfer the data from a small detachable hard disc onto your computer. Pretty neat, huh?


As the name suggests, Skycatch is a company that enables people to get high resolution aerial data more quickly and accurately than ever. How do they do it? They use drones.

Of course, drones have become extremely popular over the years, not just among hobbyists but among people who found them useful for all sorts of different things.

Now, with Skycatch, there is no more need to pilot a drone yourself or even to hire a person to do it, mainly because hey automated the drone’s flight. Also, they make ground stations for the drones to land on and change their own batteries.

Fully recharged, the aircraft no longer requires human interaction and can take off by itself.

Laser DNA Printing

Cambrian Genomics will present its new laser DNA printer, an unbelievably useful piece of technology. They already use it to create new lifeforms such as bacteria and other organisms which can help humans recover form illnesses.

They identify a mistake in the human DNA and make new strands to correct the mistake. This approach and inexpensive technology allow Cambrian Genomics to introduce DNA consumer products.

In the near future we will be able to treat and cure some of the diseases that have bothered humanity for centuries. I am sure that this will be one of the most important presentations on CES 2015 show.

Smart Cars

Hyundai decided to equip its most affordable models with something that is called the Display Audio. It is a head unit that integrates Android, Apple CarPlay and iPhones. There will be no need for the CD player or the embedded navigation with the new Display Audio head unit.

You just plug in your smart phones and navigate through the touch screen. It also includes a new version of Hyundai’s BlueLink telematics service.

The user will be able to unlock doors from outside or turn on climate control. This also includes the Stolen Vehicle Recovery feature.


The new CES show will definitely be as awesome as expected. These kinds of innovations will propel humanity towards new frontiers. We will be more aware of ourselves and the environment by using smart, interconnected devices.

We will be more informed about our overall health with smart clothing and apps such as Doctor on Demand.

Laser DNA printing and smart cars will make our lives much safer and more positive and we can see all this and more on January 6, when latest pieces of technology will be on display in Las Vegas.


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