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Sarah Green is a tech blogger whose writing focus has been revolving around the cloud, IoT and the world of mobile devices for the last several years. In addition to this, she is exploring the digital trends in web hosting, web design and occasionally online marketing. Today, she’s a happy contributor to Technivorz and a limited number of other tech blogs. When she’s not writing, she’s probably playing with her dog or hanging out on Twitter.


Is cyber security industry failing? Interview with Justine Bone

Data protection and cyber risk management continue to be some of the key pain points for contemporary CTOs. Even some of the world’s leading brands such as Apple and Sony have had disastrous encounters with hackers in the past few...

/ May 6, 2016

7 Niche Collaboration Software Platforms for Mid-Size Organizations

As businesses spread out over cities, states and countries, teams are looking for ways to collaborate remotely and maximize the efficiency of project development processes. Moreover, with agile methodologies entering a greater number of small and medium-sized organizations, the notion of collaboration expands to...

/ February 29, 2016

Technology Isn’t Just for Millennials

Britons now spend more time using technology devices than they do sleeping. This statistic, however, isn’t restricted to a certain group or generation. It’s a technological influence that impacts nearly the entire nation, and is a hint towards the evolving...

/ October 9, 2015

Golden Joystick 2015 Nominees: Best PC Game

This year has been breathtaking and nerve-wracking for gamers. Some overhyped titles failed to deliver, but there were some pleasant surprises out of the blue. Now it’s time for players to decide who gets the esteemed Golden Joystick award, and...

/ September 11, 2015

Windows 10 Overview – The Next Generation Of Windows

Ten months have passed after the first announcement of Windows 8.1 successor and now it is finally here. The latest version of the renowned operating system runs on PCs, tablets and phones and is available to all Windows 7, 8...

/ August 11, 2015
HP's Memristor

HP’s Revolutionary New Operating System in 2015

What is HP’s new operating system and why do they need it anyway? First of all, HP started developing what they call The Machine– a new generation of computers that will save up huge amounts of energy and will run...

/ June 11, 2015

Oracle Marketing Cloud: New Approaches to Digital Experience

  Oracle’s attempts to increase their share in the cloud computing market yielded many interesting ideas in the last few years. One of the most important ones came almost a year ago, when they announced the introduction of Oracle Marketing...

/ May 12, 2015

3 Partnerships Set to Make Wearables more Fashionable

  When Google first presented its Project Glass back in 2012, not many people expected these futuristic gadgets to become a part of our everyday lives as rapidly as they did. However, this seems to have been a breaking point...

/ April 29, 2015
CES 2015

CES 2015 Expectations

The annual CES show will be held in Vegas on January 6 and as every year, many of us are very excited to see what technological innovations will be revealed this time. For example, those interested in the Internet of...

/ December 30, 2014