Each year, pretty much everyone is looking forward to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the innovations from the various tech giants. All kinds of gadgets find their way to the market after every CES and it has been this way for 51 years. 2018 is no different, with CES in Las Vegas that left people in awe, as well as not so surprised. Many technologies were already predicted and CES only confirmed people’s expectations. Nevertheless, it’s always enjoyable to see new tech rise to the occasion. Here are a few of the best new features as seen on CES 2018.

Project Linda from Razer

image source: www.cnet.com

Razer is well-known for designing, as well as developing functional and cool-looking gaming peripherals, that both PC and console gamers can enjoy. Not only that, but Razer doesn’t fall behind in developing awesome gaming laptops with equally awesome hardware. Still, everyone was surprised when Razer decided to extend their reach and develop a smartphone also known as Razer Phone. This gaming phone received mixed reviews, but that didn’t stop the company from revealing a new concept for their phone on CES.

Razer’s project Linda is basically a concept where your smartphone powers your laptop. Some people believe that this is a terrible idea, especially because smartphone batteries last even shorter than laptop batteries. Furthermore, the project consists of a laptop chassis with an appropriate slot for your smartphone. Simply put, it’s still a smartphone, only with a larger screen and a keyboard. Nevertheless, some people were excited about this new concept and are eager to see how it develops further.

Under-glass fingerprint sensor from Vivo/Synaptics  

image source: androidauthority.net

The under-glass fingertip sensor technology was announced back in 2017 and people knew it was going to be released in 2018. Still, everyone was pleasantly surprised to hear that there’s already a functional model. As a matter of fact, Synaptics developed a Clear ID FS9500 fingerprint sensor model that’s available to be implemented on various devices that feature OLED screens.

In addition, the first device to incorporate this sensor will be Vivo’s new phone that’s about to be announced later this year. The main feature of this new sensor is that it’s located between the OLED screen panel and the display glass from where it scans your fingerprint. The scanner doesn’t work on backlit LCD screen panels, but it does work well for OLED ones. Moreover, Synaptics officially stated that the scanner is a bit slower for the time being, but the Clear ID feature is as secure as current sensors on the market.

Big Format Gaming TV from Nvidia

image source: www.pcmag.com

The newest invention from Nvidia’s display technologies combines smart TVs with gaming monitors. This monstrosity is a 65-inch TV that’s also a gaming monitor, which features a 4K LCD display and a 120Hz refresh rate. It also includes HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging) alongside G-SYNC and Nvidia’s Shield Android TV interface. That means you can have a giant TV and a monitor for the price of one.

Well not really, because it’s probably going to cost as much as several TVs and monitors combined once it hits the market, but hey – you gotta love it. Gaming enthusiasts will certainly be amazed, especially since it provides low latency and performance that can match gaming needs. Instead of being one to manufacture and sell these new displays, Nvidia is letting other tech companies handle it. Asus took up the mantle and designed their very own Asus ROG Swift PG65 model that features this new tech.

Samsung’s “The Wall”

image source: www.pcmag.com

While we’re on the topic of large TV’s, this one is hard not to notice. The Wall provided by Samsung is quite literally what the name suggests – a wall-size TV that’s neither LCD nor OLED. In fact, this 146-inch TV uses millions of Micro LEDs (Micro Light Emitting Diodes) to create an amazing display picture.

While everyone was thinking that the 85-inch TV is the largest we’ll get, Samsung decided to prove everyone wrong. Basically, it’s a billboard neon sign that won’t cause you to go blind if you stare at it for too long – at least not as fast as staring at a neon sign. Therefore, all of you folks who prefer giant TV displays, it’s time to get a bigger living room or a bigger house to effectively store this new TV.


CES introduces innovative technologies to the world every year. Tons of new gadgets and tech have made their ways to the CES 2018 and people were delighted to see them all. Now, all that is left to see is how these new technologies will perform on the market, until newer inventions take their place.


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