We live in an age when digital technology is a part of our daily lives. However, we must not let it  distract us from properly raising our children. It’s time to spend quality time with our kids without having to use a mobile phone to do it.

We need to communicate with our children on a regular basis and talk to each other as parents and people who care about this issue.

We should utilize technology in the correct way and try to teach ourselves how to react if we notice that our children might have a problem.

Check Yourself First

Before you start yelling at your child or taking more serious measures, you should really find out if you are not a digital addict yourself.

Do you stay up all nigh playing a game? Do you feel good only while chatting online? Do you get furious when your battery runs out?

These may be some of the symptoms related to this kind of addiction so you better check yourself before you wreck your kids!

Digital Detox

If you notice that your child is uninterested in anything other than aimlessly chatting away on a social network or constantly being angry and disappointed because of a video game, you should consider trying a digital detox.

Simply try to divert your child’s attention from smartphones and computers with something more appealing. By doing this our children will have improved mental health, human interaction and posture.


It is ironical that certain social media tend to make one even more antisocial. Sometimes we forget how to talk to each other properly. We have a lack of communication because because we spend too much time on browsing.

What you should do if you have this problem is call up your friends and have informative conversations with them regarding the issue.

Also, you can always have a nice talk with your kid about this and surely, some weight will be lifted off your chest and you will then be a step closer to helping them.

Electronic Aggression

Yes, we are living in a strange new world. Our children can now be victims of cyber-bullying. They can be harassed, mocked, exposed, humiliated.

At a young age this is extremely unwanted because young people are more prone to suffer from permanent damage when confronted with aggressive behavior than adults.

They could become bullies themselves or quite the opposite- too shy. It is at a young age when we form our personalities the most and that is why avoiding this problem must be crucial for all parents.

Try to develop rules about the safe behaviors for all electronic media. Involve your kid and make a safer environment together.

Our youths are obsessed with their phones and apps but, we as parents need to set an example by not being addicted ourselves. We need to tackle the problem in the best possible way.

Take the time to have a walk with your family, away from all the gadgets. Try to talk more with your kids and with your friends and family.

Put an end to this problem once and for all.


featured image credit: sowhatfaith.com

Posted by Howard Bell

Howard has been writing about technology for quite some time now, especially if you count his diary entries where he laments the pressing programming issues hiding behind the painfully obvious lack of the long blocks in Tetris (also known as the ‘stupid game is cheating’ bug). He has since refined his approach, trying to take a slightly more impartial and a bit more informative voice, but still finds inspiration in the ways that different devices can annoy him to wit’s end.