Wearable devices have become very common and we could hardly imagine living our lives without them.

What happens when something succeeds so well that it becomes a must for almost every single person in the universe is that the leading companies in that field try as hard as they can to upgrade them.

If they are innovative enough and manage to offer something more useful than their competitors, it benefits both themselves and the customers, which is exactly what we all want.

Going Deep

Even though, it seems that the wearables have almost reached a maximum, because we feel like we are having all we need and all we can imagine, the year 2015 is going to bring many inventions that will show us that there is still room for endless improvements.

Health Monitoring gadgets

So far, we have seen devices that monitor health, calories consumed or burned, heart rate or number of steps taken, but it is only the beginning. All of this is heading much deeper – under our skin.

Do not be surprised if in the near future you find yourself searching the Internet for advice on computing devices planted inside your body.

This surely sounds like a synopsis of some sci-fi movie, but it is almost reality. The only thing that some people disapprove of is that these nano-sized gadgets could be used for easy spying on people. Truth be told, that is not hard at all even nowadays, without them.



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For instance, there are many smartwatches on the market, but their manufacturers do not feel like they are connected to their owners as much as they should be.

Although all smartwatches communicate with our smartphones, providing us with the essential information, notifications from applications and messages or measuring steps and such, their producers do not think that this is even close to enough.

Some of them have come up with really interesting ideas. One of them is The UV Hair Slide. Namely, it is supposed to look just like a usual hair slide, but it would show you how much UV exposure you have had that day.

They have also been talking about gadgets such as headphones that keep track of your heart’s electrical activity. However, the main idea is to focus on health.


Body Embedded Devices

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That next level would be embeddable gadgets. They could easily help us improve our body capabilities and, in a sense, self-evolve.

A device of this kind could be used for communicating with other devices or people, entertainment, work, learning or keeping track of ongoing processes in our body regarding our health status.

It might be early to talk about embeddable technology and, for the time being, maybe we should stick to the wearables, but we ought to have in mind that it could be right around the corner, so do not be surprised when it hits the market.


The full capabilities of wearable gadgets are yet to be seen, but the current situation looks promising, there are many ideas, many projects, many inventions, many concepts and the future of wearables is definitely going to be bright.

Really soon, we are going to start using very helpful and useful things we cannot even imagine at the moment.

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