In the era where businesses operate online, information is vital to any business success. With the emergence of cloud-based computing, businesses have the opportunity to gather big data more easily and utilize it to make predictions about future trends. That way, organizations can adapt and modify their marketing strategies to better suit the online consumers’ needs, expectations and demands. One of the most important monitoring activities businesses often conduct is media monitoring and social mentions. By tracking these mentions, businesses can have a deeper insight into consumer behavior and their overall opinions about brands.

Furthermore, businesses can leverage that information to improve their marketing efforts, offers, promotions, products and services. For SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, this information can prove invaluable when predicting future customer expectations, while monitoring the customer satisfaction with your current products. Here are a few marketing tools and platforms for SaaS businesses that can help you out in 2018.


This is a great business intelligence platform that also focuses on social media activity. Cyfe can monitor customer activity across various channels, such as your blog, website and social networks. Moreover, you can draft clear reports from the information you gather to later show it to stakeholders, managers or team members.

This information can prove very useful for your SaaS business, especially because Cyfe can give you insight into how your efforts are making an impact on social media, web analytics, email marketing channels and how they reflect on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and other activities. Simply put, it can monitor company’s progress and how your efforts are reflecting on your bottom line.

Social Mention

This tool will make tight budget businesses very happy because it’s completely free and doesn’t require any kind of registration. Social Mention offers you collective mentions from various platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many others.

Not only that, but this tool also allows you to track your brand’s strength (how often your brand is being mentioned), your brand’s sentiment (both positive and negative mentions), your brand’s passion (the likelihood of people frequently talking about your brand) and your brand’s reach. In addition, Social Mention will allow you to track members of your audience who are top contributors, which means you’ll easily identify who your brand ambassadors are.

Digimind Social

Businesses that offer software as a service to their customers need to ensure that their audience finds their product useful, easy to use and functional, among other things. If you’re about to launch a new product, it’s imperative to understand how your customers will react to it, so that you can make improvements if the feedback isn’t positive.

Digimind Social allows you to engage with audience and gain a deeper understanding into their preferences, by monitoring how they react to the content you publish on social media channels. Furthermore, it examines whether your content is optimized to fully capture your customers’ attention in order to maximize your exposure. Also, by measuring sentiment, this mentoring tool helps you predict success or failure of your campaign or product launch.


This media intelligence software turns big data into viable analytics. Oftentimes businesses that gather big data have trouble making sense of it all. Mediaportal enables you to reduce the complexity of data collected into easy to understand information, which you can use to create reports, track success, improve your existing campaigns and so on. Moreover, this platform has built-in tools for social mention monitoring that help you track mentions 24/7 and in real-time across all media channels.

That way, you can constantly keep track of what your audience is saying about you and zero in on conversations that require your attention. Not only that, but these tools allow you to identify influencers on social media platforms that are beneficial to your organization. You can also use this platform to reach out to those influencers and further endorse your business with their help.


This social media monitoring and management tool helps you track product awareness, conversations and compares your performance to that of your competitors. Also, this tool is equipped with a Buzz Radar feature that tracks customer needs and expectations and notifies you about them.

That way you’ll have clear insight into your products or services and you’ll be able to identify opportunities to improve them to suit your customers’ needs. What’s more, Buzzlogix keeps you updated about latest trends, brand sentiment, potential pitfalls and competitors’ progress, allowing you to ensure that your social media campaigns are always the most effective.


This social media intelligence tools is suited for SaaS companies that operate globally. The main reason Synthesio is so useful is because it operates in different languages and listens to what people have to say about your brand worldwide. Moreover, this tool tracks KPI’s (key performance indicators) to measure your online reputation across various channels and ROI of your social activities and marketing efforts.

Also, Synthesio can predict trends and give you insight into what customers feel and think about your brand. In addition, it can predict your business growth based on your business popularity and evaluate your products to identify their position on the competitive market.

Tracking mentions and gathering data is essential for business success. If you want to remain competitive on the market, as well as remain relevant to your audience, you’ll have to have insight into what people are saying about your business and leverage that info to improve your efforts.

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