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WFH 101 Tips for Remote Designers in 2021

WFH 101: Tips for Remote Designers in 2021 and beyond

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many design businesses needed to close doors and shift to remote work. Since then, the roles and responsibilities of designers have changed in multiple ways. From Zoom meetings to document sharing platforms, it is fascinating...

/ October 30, 2021

Thinking beyond .com

With the new “not-com” domain extensions, we finally have an option when it comes to finding the perfect online name. When you think about it, the way we’ve been using the Internet has changed dramatically over its relatively short existence....

/ December 18, 2015
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Localizer.co The Magic Communication Tool

From all walks of life, people communicate daily in a variety of forms. You’ve got language, culture, facial gestures and emotion. On top of this, you have electronic devices that people communicate with – phones, computers and tablets. The real...

/ November 13, 2015