TikTok has become a new addiction for the younger generations. The number of active users has surpassed its forerunner, Twitter and Snapchat, making it the social media platform with the fastest growth.

Now, businesses of all sizes have been busy adjusting TikTok marketing as part of their effort to reach a broader audience. Some successfully gained positive results from the platform, but some others, sadly failed.

To help you generate optimum results, we’ve pieced together six TikTok marketing common mistakes to avoid. But before that, let’s discuss why TikTok is a great marketing channel for your business.

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As a new video-based platform, TikTok has gathered massive users with high engagements over time. The graph above shows users’ behavior on TikTok as of 2022, and the number will keep growing in the future years.

Now, let’s reveal some TikTok marketing common mistakes that every business should avoid. 

#1. Ignoring the TikTok Trends

TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes popular posts with high view rates. Those who made viral posts either already have massive followers or leverage the TikTok trends as it can raise your posts’ visibility.

TikTok trends include video styles, tags, music, challenges, filters, and others. However, you also need fresh ideas to create original posts and stand out in the sea of content. That’s when your creativity to combine the trends with new ideas is put on the line.

Most importantly, use tags strategically. You can use trending tags, but remember that thousands others use the same ones. So, consider combining trending tags and the less popular ones that relate to your content and target audience. Also, avoid using more than 21 tags, which can negatively impact your posts.

#2. Posting Landscape Videos

TikTok is one of the first to bring the vertical video trend to online platforms. Thanks to that, major social media like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook follow the step and create rooms for short vertical videos.

Vertical videos are more favorable by TikTok, as it is the most suitable style for their platforms and smartphones. On the contrary, landscape videos can reduce your video quality as they fail to give the utmost user experience for viewers.

#3. Using a Business Account From the Start

Creating a business account sounds like a great idea until you realize some restrictions in sight. The downside of using a business account will significantly impact small businesses, especially if they have just started employing TikTok marketing.

The main reason you shouldn’t use a business account from the start is that you may have no access to trending music and sounds. Meanwhile, the two are vital in creating engaging TikTok videos.

Therefore, creating a personal account first is a great strategy to get familiar with the platform and gather as many followers as possible. Once you successfully raise the number of audiences, you can shift into using a business account.

#4. Not Providing Captions

Providing closed captions means more work for you. But, it can make you stay ahead of your competitors. The fact is that the majority of mobile users watch videos in mute mode, either due to their condition or surroundings.

Captions can make your content accessible for anyone without exception and ensure inclusivity for your post. Moreover, closed captions can be a great way to highlight important messages and CTA to convert audiences.

#5. Overselling and Over Promoting

From e-commerce businesses to even blockchain game companies want to see results quickly, but over-promoting on TikTok can be a waste of time. Don’t fill your account with only promotional videos; make it more valuable by providing informative content.

Focus on generating content that can entertain and educate your viewers. You can always be promotional on your post, but avoid mentioning your brands multiple times and adding too many CTAs. Being overselling and over-promoting can make your brand too pushy.

#6. Recycling Content from Other Social Media

Your business may leverage multiple social media platforms to reach a wider audience. However, you should be careful when creating content for each of them. The best recommendation is never recycle content from other social media.

You may think that creating one-size-fits-all content is an excellent attempt to be all-efficient, but it isn’t actually. Let’s say, you recycle or repurpose Instagram content for TikTok. The two have different user preferences and content formats, so your content won’t work optimally.

TikTok’s philosophy deals with content authenticity as one of its pillars. So, any recycled content will negatively affect your posts and account. Therefore, coming up with fresh ideas and creating authentic content is paramount.

Wrapping Up

As a marketer, avoiding common mistakes is key for successful TikTok marketing. It’s a part of becoming strategic and helps you cut unnecessary mistakes that can waste your time, effort, and money.

Furthermore, adjusting TikTok marketing requires you to understand the nature and philosophy of the platform. With all the above points being said, now you know how to avoid TikTok marketing common mistakes to generate the optimum results.


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