In today’s world, where convenience in everything is the first priority in every task of day-to-day life, therefore, multi-service apps are in high demand as many tasks can be done in one app, so it’s beneficial for business motives also.

As mentioned, this type of multi-service apps are in high demand among people as its a super convenient option for them. So, having the business in a field that is in high demand is noticeably profitable for the company. But before starting any business in any category, it is always essential to do precise research in that, like understanding its priority in the market, observing the customer’s needs, Its potential to increase revenue for a business, etc. considering these points before starting any business can give the entrepreneurs the clear sighted view of how much profitable this business can be to them.

Apart from considering essential points to keep in mind before starting a multiple-service business, it is vital to know its various benefits to the company. As it is the most important thing for the company. So let’s understand its various benefits for the business.

Benefits of Starting a Multi-Service Business

There are various benefits of creating a business on an online multi-service platform, like users receiving improved service through it, business admin can manage their business from any place, increase the chances for the business growth, and provide services in any country and city. Further, let’s understand these benefits in detail.

  • Users Receiving Improved Service Through It

User convenience is compromised when they order different services from different apps. The best solution for this is to order every service from a single app. As it supplies a better experience of services to the users. So, Building an on-demand app for multi-services is beneficial to both customers of the app and the business also.

  • Business Admin can Manage their Business from Any Place

For the company’s success, it is vital to manage everything neatly. No worries; now, the admin doesn’t have to handle everything from a single palace. They can manage everything about the business from anywhere.

  •  Increase the Chances for the Business Growth

Having a multi-service business can increase customers as the company’s business is available on the online platform and is visible to everyone on that platform. Secondly, digitalization can help with getting the business noticed by more people, which can increase profits. Hence ensures its growth in the market.

  • Provide Services in any Country and City

As mentioned above, the business can be managed by an admin from any palace; due to this factor, the admin can start the business in various countries and cities, which is one of the significant benefits for the company as having business in more than one place indeed increases the profit.

These are some key benefits of developing a multi-service app for the business. Now, as a start-up company developing a brand new app from scratch can be so much expensive, so creating a gojek like app is the best solution for the start-up business as it is one of the fastest growing app in the market. So take a look at why it is the fastest growing option.

What makes the gojek-like app the fastest growing option for the business?

For start-up businesses, the Gojek-like app is a great solution. Here are some points why it is an excellent option for the business.

Gives an Excellent Chance for the Business

creating a multi-service app from scratch is a much more expensive process. Thus,  compared to that, the cost of developing a Gojek-like app is much less costly. Since all the codes are already there, it doesn’t have to create all of them from scratch. This gives an excellent chance to the fresher entrepreneurs to start the business within their budget.

A favorable choice for customers

In view of the fact that Gojek-like apps provide users with many services, it is the best choice for them because they can order any service from anywhere, which saves them time. Thus, for a successful business, it is vital for a company to properly manage all the services it provides, taking into consideration every need of its users.

Gives Non-Contact Dispatch

During the lockdown of Covid-19 in the recent past, the ratio of ordering online has increased so much compared to the past few years. However, everyone still avoids going out and ordering things or services they want online with a non-contact dispatch facility.

How to Create a Gojek-like App a Perfect Guide

Interested in launching an app like Gojek? If so, then the company should consider these points when creating the application.

Choosing where to launch the app

The gojek-like app is suitable for Android, iOS, and for browsers. So the company has to select on which platform it wants to launch the app. But, of course, it can also launch on all platforms.

Decide the services

After selecting the app’s platform, the business must decide the type of services it wants to provide to the users. There are some essential services that must be included in the app.

  • Multiple payments selection for the comfort of the users
  • Map and Tracking services
  • Various languages options
  • Cancellation of order
  • Order now or later
  • Call and chat option for users

Select the technology

It is vital to select the right technology for the app. As there are many technologies in the market for ecommerce app development. Choosing the latest one for the app is crucial as it will be convenient for the users while using the app. Moreover, for a better experience for the users, keep updating the app’s features according to their needs.

Cost of the development

The cost of development varies in every region. E.g., A different rate of app development is observed in Asia, Europe, and the USA. the rate also depends on the developers; if they are experienced, then the rates are high, and if the developer is fresher, then the cost is reasonable for the development.

Test and go live

After the app is ready to launch, test the app to check for errors, fix the errors, and the app is ready to launch.


Apps that integrate multiple services are in high demand since they can accomplish various tasks within one application, so they are also beneficial for business purposes. Therefore, businesses can benefit from multi-service online platforms in multiple ways. For this purpose, an app like Gojek is an excellent solution for start-up businesses.

Posted by Raul Harman