Parenting has never been an easy task, but in this day and age? It’s becoming increasingly difficult every second. Putting the challenges of proper upbringing aside, today’s parents also have responsibility to protect their children from threats both in real and virtual world as well. And virtual world, with its own rules, is still the unknown land for most of us. All is not lost though and as much as technological development may pose as a threat, it can also be used as a tool for child protections. So, if you have an Android phone, here are top five apps that will help you to protect your kid.

1. Kids Place – Parental Control

This is very robust app that, once installed on your kid’s phone, will give you an option to use customized home screen that can show only the approved apps, means for preventing the kid from downloading any new apps without your permission and a time feature that will allow you to specify the schedule for using that phone. If you want some extra safety, Kids Place will block all incoming calls and disable all nearby wireless signals.

2. Parental Control Board

This app will allow you to monitor your kid’s activities and help your kid to stay far away of any adult and inappropriate content that floats online. Essentially, Parental Control Board will help you to monitor, track and manage child’s smartphone activities and clearance to restrict access to some of them, like YouTube or Google Play. Aside from that, you will also be allowed to find out location of your kid, see all call logs and read all the SMSs that go through the phone and setup blacklisted phone numbers.

3. Sygic Family

Allowing you to check battery levels and real-time location of all of your family members at any given time, Sygic Family has several other interesting options that help this app to rise above similar competition. One of them is certainly an in-built messenger that enables sending of free messages by using Internet connection. Others are SOS button that will send exact phone location and ability to create Safe and Unsafe zones that will prompt push notification upon phone enters or leave one of them.

4. Sex Offenders Search

If you plan to move in into new neighborhood, it would be very wise to make sure it is a safe one to create Safe and Unsafe zones from the previous app, for instance. Sex Offenders Search will allow you to simply turn on your GPS and connect to National Sex Offenders Registry. Now, you will be able to locate sex offenders and predators in the area, search them by name, address or zip code, and see the results clearly presented on an interactive map. If you want more details you will get names, addresses and pictures upon clicking on some part of the map.


5. Norton Family Parental Control

Aside from usual feature of monitoring websites your kid is visiting, Norton Family Parental Control will also allow you to restrict access to inappropriate pornographic websites and even setup email notifications you will get whenever your child tries to open some of those websites or do anything he or she shouldn’t do. It is also good to know that this app comes in premium variety, so if you are willing to spend some money you will get a log of text messages, ability to block some of the more suspicious apps and cut this problem in the roots by monitoring what apps are being download in the first place.

You cannot put a price on a child safety so even if some of these apps demand purchase, be sure to try them, your money will be well-spent. Yes, technology leaves some pretty nasty security holes that can pose a threat to our families, but that only means that we have to learn fast and step up the game to answer this challenge.

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