Windows 10 has already landed on PCs, but smartphone users will have to wait a while longer. Version for mobile platforms is still in development, but we already know about the option to interconnect various windows devices such as tablets, PCs and even Xbox One consoles.
This seamless experience across platforms is the ace up Microsoft’s sleeve indeed. Announcements about the Bridge technologies this year also produced much talking and rumors about how this technology works. And when Microsoft project Astoria leaked recently, it overshadowed discussion about all other known features.

A river no longer keeps us apart

This incident revealed that Microsoft Bridge technology will allow developers to port over Android applications to Windows 10. Other similar projects will let the same process be conducted with iOS, web and classic win32 applications. Users can already download the feature, but it’s illegal, so consider yourself warned.

As it turns out, these tools are very powerful, although Android apps don’t simply become integrated with Windows 10. They plug into various components of this OS instead, forming “bridges” to native functions. Think of Astoria as a windows phone emulator that could be a true game changer. Some important questions are raised here, though, and not all of them are pleasant.

For, example, if someone can download an Android app and install it on a Windows phone without paying, then it’s bad news for many Android developers. But, for Windows Phone users, everything in the garden seems rosy at first glance- they are likely to see a big increase in available applications and games.

Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview

All for one

So, what else do we know about other features of the new OS at this point? The biggest news when it comes to Windows Phone 10 is a compatibility with PC and other Microsoft technologies. It shares some of the core apps with the PC, and action center syncs with your computer. Windows Phone thus mirrors its content onto other platforms, and this is one of the main ways Microsoft is trying to keep an edge over the competition.

So, you can have Excel, Word and PowerPoint on all Windows 10 phones, and they work the same way as on the PC. Our guess is that gamers can rejoice, too, as Xbox One console is also using the new operating system. The apps beta store looks much like the one PCs running Windows 10, and you can use credit and gift cards, as well as PayPal.

The sneak peak of the overall interface reveals some slight changes like new context menus, flexible keyboard, quick action settings, fuller notification menu, etc. An upgraded version of Internet Explorer should provide a better online experience as well, which is all in all enough to create big hype.

Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview

Smooth operator

With the Windows Phone 10, Microsoft aims to improve the experience of smartphone users, and make it smoother. Not only that, the technology enabling you to sideload android and other applications could create new rules for the game. Furthermore, synchronization of content and synergy with other platforms is a step in the right direction, no doubt.

New OS looks nice and shows promise, but it’s still premature to predict a bright future for it. Many people doubt that Microsoft will be able to beat Apple or Google on the market. But, in order for Windows Phone 10 to be successful, that doesn’t even need to happen.

Posted by Nate M. Vickery

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