Anyone who experienced a crash on their computer system, hard disk damage or any kind of data loss gets stressed out even just imagining it might happen again. Although many users are familiar with the recovery option, they do not  backup all the information and documents that often. So what should you do to prevent this from happening and ruining your business and private life completely? More importantly– will anything be enough? 


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Storing a small amount of data is easy, but if you have large excel files with invaluable information, how can you be sure that at some point it will not get corrupted and how can you secure yourself/the system from losing all of it? We all store it online and hope that is enough to be on the safe side, when it is actually not.

Numerous cloud services offer data encrypted storage, but there is not enough protection available. Even though they have various advantages such as storage size, the disadvantages are not so insignificant. When offline, you are unable to access your target files. Although masterminds behind the cloud services pride themselves in the high levels of security of their services, the fact is that those can easily face security breaches. If there are multiple participants in a network the hackers are likely to intrude everyone’s data once they get into the cloud service.

The Battle Begins

However, it is hard to recognize and address security threats, so big data technologies now try to fight against such hardships. They typically use open source which can be easily broken into. Furthermore, those who open big data files log in from various places which means they are insufficiently controlled and later anyone skillful enough may intrude their privacy and cause damage to the business.

Big data is just about the size, it is more related to the technologies used for processing and output obtained. Today we are talking, not about terabytes of information available online, but zettabytes, and the storage market is only going to expand.

If you just consider the most prominent social networks with millions of users, such as Facebook which stores about 300 petabytes of data, you can only imagine how hard is it to secure all the information from being broken into. To be successful at using and protecting big data you need to have a background in analytics, content analysis and be experienced in social networks in order to recognize potential threats.

Heavy Artillery

But, if you are not a pro at that what you actually need is secure remote access software. If you are considering using this kind of software to increase the protection of your data, you will be thrilled to read about many advantages it offers.

First of all, you may get more productivity from your workers who may even work from home and deliver the same quality of output because they have basically the same data as everyone else in the office. Secondly, everything happens in real-time environment and you can rest assured that all the information is up-to-date. Thirdly, the circulation of documents in a large company with many branches is done more quickly and without additional costs. Of course, it is environmentally friendly, too.

You do not have to print a large number of excel sheet pages to show your colleagues what you have been up to lately. With a quick remote access to your storage everyone are bound to get more efficient. Moreover, this kind of software will ensure protection from third parties and eliminate potential threats while sending you notifications about any possible misuse that might occur.

Is Your Data Safe?

Unfortunately, big data online storage services are not the only one that can get attacked. Even if you do not store online terabytes of information, you are likely to experience privacy intrusions and data thefts. In order to be fully protected, regardless of the size of your storage, you need to think in the terms of software that will enhance your protection remotely.

Modern knowledge is all about the information you get. Unfortunately, the information you possess can easily be broken into, what ultimately affects your business. In the end it will not matter if the size of data is just a couple of megabytes or terabytes. Once it is gone, the frustration and stress is immanent. In order to avoid harming your business and personal data you need to protect it carefully.

If you are unable to protect your data yourself, leave it to the professionals. Relax while you share the projects and tasks with your colleagues without anxiety that it might get broken into, stolen or simply lost forever. Backups are a matter of history, remote access software is happening right now and it is here to save you from the future troubles.

Think in advance!

Posted by Oscar Waterworth

I am a writer and a tech enthusiast from Sydney. I am interested in cutting edge technology, business, and marketing. I hope to give proper insight into these worlds.