By reading this guest post by John David, you will learn about 4 super tricks to spy on WhatsApp remotely without your children knowing.
It’s time that parents learn some drills to take on their kids’ super-advanced technological savvyness. Parental Controls are one way to deal with the acutely hazardous effects of social media and stranger-danger, and that’s why parents need to learn a few new tricks to spy on their kids’ smartphones.
But today, we will not tell generically how parents can use different spying apps to monitor a cell phone, but particularly, how to spy on WhatsApp remotely without your children knowing. Basically, WhatsApp knows everything that you need to know about your kids. It’s more than just about socializing and exchanging words, it’s a social platform for sharing your dissent, grudges and dissonances with other people. Take down these 4 tips on your personal diary, you will need them quite often.

Use your kids’ iCloud

If you want to spy remotely and discreetly, there are many ways to do it, and you may not even require something additional for that. Unless, of course, you want to overcomplicate it.

Simply, tell your kids to share their iCloud credentials with you, so that there is only one iCloud account for you and your kid. However, doing so can be quite uncomfortable for the kids, when they will know that you can access everything off their iCloud anytime. Same would go for you.
But if you can get your kids’ iCloud account and password, you can also use a spying app like Teensafe that doesn’t need more than just iCloud of the target user for spying.


No iCloud?

If your kids don’t have an iCloud account, or even if they have, but they don’t want to share with you, then you need to get a spy app that works without iCloud. There are many great apps available for this purpose. All you have to do then is to take the app and install it on the smartphone or tablet. If your kids are not iOS users, have no fear. Many of these apps are compatible across various mobile platforms.

Do the inception

Your kids should know the risks of using a smartphone, which include catfishing, cyberbullying, predating and tons of others. If you can inculcate precautions slowly and subtly into their minds, they might even come to you for help, rather than hiding things from you. This inception will give you a backdoor to escape the blame if your kids will ever find out that they were spied on. Give them daily doses on internet safety, but never scare them too much.

Use Spoofing

There is another great trick to spy on WhatsApp messages without the need to use any apps. You can use the spoofing method which will allow you to run one WhatsApp account on two different devices. Initially, WhatsApp allowed this to happen without any restrictions, but now, it’s not possible. Not unless you experiment a little with the MAC addresses. Check out this tutorial on how you can run WhatsApp on two different devices simultaneously. It’s not as easy as the aforementioned techniques, but it really is worth doing.

With these tricks, you will be able to spy on WhatsApp without your children knowing.
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Posted by Nate M. Vickery

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