Mobile productivity apps can let you significantly boost your company’s efficiency and effectiveness. You can use them to track your leads effectively, communicate better, and improve your business workflows and processes. Due to the ever-increasing number of smartphones and the downloads of billions of apps annually, the global mobile app market is expected to top $77 billion in 2017. This is also a problem, because with so many solutions offered on the market it is often difficult to find one that can actually benefit your company and the most popular brands aren’t always the best option.

With numerous startups entering the market in recent years the best productivity apps of 2017 may be quite different than the ones recommended in previous years. Of course the most sound approach is to do your research by comparing various options, reading reviews on a popular software directory and trying out a few free trials first. Even that can be time-consuming though, so we shortlisted the productivity tools that we think are most worthwhile in terms of organizing your work and saving time spent on daily tasks.

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1. Slack

Slack is great for communication. It is an intuitive and simple app that is compatible with all popular mobile and desktop operating systems. We zeroed in on Slack among the hundreds of apps for messaging because of its high quality and usefulness. A major advantage is your company can reduce its dependence on email by using Slack for internal communication.

2. Dropbox

You can use Dropbox to store your important documents and files in the cloud and share with them with others using any mobile device. The app is secure and you can use the team option to share files with your team members and other company employees. Dropbox is a boon if you regularly use large documents and files that are too big for email as well as folders that store multiple files. The price is affordable too and starts at just $10/month.

3. Google Docs

If you do not wish to pay for the Microsoft Office products such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, you can try Google Docs as it is completely free. The main benefit is you can update your files in real time and use them to collaborate with your team members who may be located in any geographical region. Simply create a file and share the URL with them for effortless collaboration.

4. Evernote

With Evernote, you can create a range of notes, build to-do lists, save websites, snap screenshots and images, and store them all in the cloud for easy access on any internet-ready mobile device. You can also use the app to share resources, ideas, and notes with your team. Evernote is an ideal app for people who use multiple sticky notes every day as well as those who routinely have lots of unread tabs in their mobile device’s browser at any given point of time.

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5. Doc Scan

Now, you don’t have to make copies or scan your important documents. Simple download the Doc Scan iOS app, scan files using the camera on your phone, make the text more clear, and create PDF files of the documents for effortless sharing. In short, Doc Scan is a great scanning solution that can save you plenty of time.

6. OmniFocus

This app can boost your efficiency and productivity and can be used on iOS devices as well as Apple Watch, and Mac. You can use this single platform to sync and manage your ongoing projects, to-do list, calendar, email inbox and more. The best part is you can organize everything based on perspectives, which allows you to differentiate personal tasks from work-related ones.

7. 30/30

30/30 is an iOS app that creates 30-minute portions of your work schedule that you can use to focus exclusively on one task. The main advantage is you can maintain good productivity without getting overwhelmed by the rigorous work schedule. The basic concept is simple: Focus your mind on a single task for 30 minutes, then take a small break, and work on something unrelated for the next 30 minutes. This plan can help to keep your mind fresh and undistracted, and boost your efficiency.

8. Dragon Naturally Speaking

This is a dictation app that provides professional-quality service for your various needs. Simply talk into your mobile phone to create Evernote notes, Word documents, emails and other files. You don’t have to worry about word limits and the app assures 99% accuracy. It is a great solution for those who do not have the time to write their documents or do not like writing. Authors and writers can dictate their content and articles on Dragon and then edit them for publishing later.

9. DocuSign

DocuSign saves you the hassle of taking printouts of your important contracts and files and then mailing them over to your clients. Instead, you can use DocuSign and email your contracts to your prospects and clients and get their digital signature quickly and easily, from any mobile device, as mentioned in id mobile review. The app is cloud-based and offers a high level of security to protect your confidential data. In today’s fast-paced business world, e-signatures have become a necessity and are no longer a luxury. If you use Adobe products regularly, you can try Adobe Sign instead of DocuSign.

10. Efficient CRM App

A good quality customer relationship management (CRM) application can help you to manage all your customers, prospects, and leads, and boost your sales. If you have a limited budget you can use HubSpot’s free product. But, if you need a solution with more comprehensive features, you can try Zoho, SugarCRM, Infusionsoft, Insightly, or Salesforce. Compare the features and costs of these apps to select a suitable one for your needs. An important point to keep in mind is that the CRM app should easily integrate with your existing business systems to enable effortless sharing of data and to eliminate duplicate data entry.

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11. Social Media Applications

You never know when you will get sales opportunities on social networks, so it is a good idea to have the power to converse with customers and prospects on the go. Therefore, it has become mandatory to use the mobile apps of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular social websites. Savvy marketers can promote their products and services on Snapchat too. You can try social media engagement strategies to make the most of your online presence.

12. Slide Presentation Apps

The ability to give slide presentations anytime, anywhere is a valuable asset for sales professionals. For this purpose, you can use the basic PowerPoint application or try out other equally good options. iOS and Mac users will like Keynote as they can save their presentations as PowerPoint files. If you have the budget for premium apps you can try SlideShark or SlideRocket as both can help you convert your PowerPoint file into an attractive slideshow on tablet devices. We also like the features and capabilities offered by DeckSet for slide presentations.

13. CamCard

If you have a good collection of business cards but do not know how to make good use of them you can try CamCard. This app enables scanning of business cards and syncing the obtained contact information on your mobile devices in real time. Plus, you can integrate Salesforce with CamCard to get automatic updates of information on contacts from business cards.


As the saying goes, too many cooks can spoil the broth. Therefore, do not take too many apps on your plate as this may have the reverse effect and mar your productivity. Instead, we advise you to start with one or two and concentrate on using them wisely and effectively. Remember that productivity apps cannot replace the basics of successful business management such as proactive networking and offering a delightful customer experience. If you are using a productivity app already, feel free to share how it is helping your company.

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