Cyber criminals do not discriminate in any business – regardless of the size and the reputation of the business they are a potential threat to make your business a victim of fraud and hacking attacks. In fact, often the startups and the small businesses are likely to be more tempting to them because they are more susceptible and more often than not they do not have the apt security mechanisms that the bigger companies do. Having said that, hacks are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Every time we take a look at the news, there is a new story on a business being hacked, this is quite alarming and terrible for organizations. Think of the virtual data and confidential reports and financials stored on the servers, one security breach, and the information can get leaked in just a matter of seconds. So what can be done? The obvious answer is getting the best and the strongest security measures for your business so that it becomes full proof for any hacker to able to attack.

Some statistics – In one recent big story, Sony hack in 2014 leaked the account details of some 32 million users onto the web. Another data breach of Verizon in 2008, estimated 285 million records. Definitely, these numbers are shocking! Here in this article, we will put some 6 best measures of security that every business should consider to protect the business from cyber hacks and other fraudulent threats and activities.

Work on password vulnerability

Please avoid using clumsy and generic passwords for all your sensitive information online. Microsoft itself suggests a strong combination of passwords for your secured information and bank account details. Moreover, strong and secure passwords within your organization should be the first line of defense against any hacking and fraud attacks. Keeping a strong password is not just crucial for strengthening your security, but the best thing is that it will not cost you a penny! To implement this, organization are planning to introduce password policies for the staff that will motivate them to develop good habits ensuring their servers and devices always on secure mode.

We suggest using a strong combination of upper and lower case letters, numeric, and special symbols or characters for your password. Also, try to keep the password longer than 8 characters. Additionally, please ensure that you are not using any personal information such as your birth date and common words spelled or phone number digits. Remember to update your password at least every 90 days, for better security and safety.

Build security on off-Site Sensitive Data Storage

Needless to say, that when your business grows it easily becomes susceptible to threats and hacks. The potential thieves always have an eye of your online information to steal or misuse. Thus it becomes quite important to ensure full safety of your website with strong encryption on information between the server and the customer’s browsers. What the way to do so? One great way to safeguard your data is to keep it safe off-site with a secure connection. While there are a few admonitions which might include ensuring that your off-site storage solution is secure. But the most prominent one is to implement SSL certificates on your website. YES, these SSL certificates ensure an added encryption layer to all your confidential information. It is recommended to go for EV SSL certificate which brings you 100% security with extended https feature on your address bar of the website.  This additional layer of SSL will ensure the authenticity of your website by keeping all your data and information secure.

Keep your software updated

Certainly, technology is ever-changing, thus remember to keep your software updated and maintained. By doing so, it will not increase the security as such, as it is currently working the same, but this maintenance will help in reducing costs.  Normally the most recent versions of software are better at guarding against the phishing and hack threats. A benefit that shall not be ignored is that it will reduce the downtime for employees; this is because the lost data can take a bit of time to recuperate which, in turn, can have an effect on customer loyalty and morale. Thus, keeping the software updated is crucial.

Install anti-virus and Firewalls

Anti-malware and the best antivirus software are prerequisites and essentials in your arsenal of online security weapons. So, installing a Firewall and anti-virus will protect your server and the network by controlling the incoming and outgoing network traffic. A Firewall will prevent unauthorized access to internet users by ultimately blocking those who do not meet the specified security criteria.

Ensure Regular backups

Anyone who is doing online business understands the importance of data security and protecting. Hence, a regular backup is the one way that the business should consider as a crucial security measure. We all know how important data is for our  business. So why wouldn’t we keep it safe? Back up the data, this will make a copy of it so later the data can be used if the original copy is lost accidentally. Make sure to make it a habit of regularly backing the data. Use trusted software and systems.

Secure Server Rooms

With all the security measures quoted above, this one also demands attention, as it is connected with server data. Our servers’ house huge amounts of data, that can be vulnerable to theft. Thus, businesses should consider adequate data protection. So, how can this be done? Firstly, lock your server room, secondly implement security procedures that log entrances and exits, so that the access to the servers is anonymous. Thirdly, you should install s surveillance camera to keep a visual record of who might try to enter the room or any possible suspicious activities. Lastly, you can add other server room security features, such as – mounting server racks to deter quick thefts.

Final thoughts

Making your business secure is one of the most important things you can do, as attempts to steal confidential data and money are always hovering over. So to beat this, one should consider choosing all the above-mentioned security measures to make your business safe and secure. Also, keep your eyes and ears open to all the suspicious behavior or activity coming from any outsider or an unwanted link.

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