Have you ever owned an item designed to do one thing, only to discover later it is actually very versatile? Despite being specific to one task, this item can help you do a lot of things. Video interviewing software is one of these items that was created for a specific task, but can do much more. 

Video interviewing was designed to help recruiters and hiring managers simplify the recruitment process, but the flexibility of the software allows it to help you complete other tasks, as well. Read on to discover three other ways you can use video interviewing software.

1. Reduce the Number of In-Person Meetings with Video Conferencing

Video interviewing

Nothing eats up a day more than meetings. Being forced to sit through multiple while emails and tasks pile up at your desk can cause meetings to be more stressful, rather than helpful. An alternative is to make your meetings digital by investing in a video conferencing system, but why do that when you already have one at your disposal?

Live video interviews are used to interview job candidates face-to-face without having to be in the same room, but the system will let you invite anyone to a call, it doesn’t have to be an applicant. This makes it easy to make the most of your meetings digital. With extra features such as screen sharing, in-system note taking, and recording, it could also help improve the quality of the meeting itself. Using this system also means you’ll be at your desk, so if an urgent email or task arises during the meeting, you can jump on it immediately and reschedule the meeting for another time if there’s more to be discussed.

2. Connect with Remote Employees

One of the reasons some employers are reluctant to hire remote employees or allow current employees to work from home is because they’re concerned about getting in contact with them. Video interviewing software makes it easier to stay in touch with these workers. 

It’s easy to schedule quick one-on-one meetings when you use live video interviewing, meaning you’ll be able to contact these employees and know exactly what they’re working on. While a phone call may suffice for this, seeing you on their screen and vice versa will create a better experience and allow the employee to feel more connected to the workplace. It will also help you strengthen the professional relationship between yourself and your employees.

Video interviewing

3. An Interactive Way to Share Company Announcements

A company newsletter is a fine method to share announcements and news to staff members, but you can make the process easier and more interactive by adding video interviewing software. Instead of taking the time to type out the announcements and get it designed in a PDF, you can speak to your employees directly by using pre-recorded video interviewing software

Pre-recorded video interviewing, also known as one-way interviewing, is used in recruitment as a screening interview tool. Instead of doing a phone interview, a candidate will record themselves answering a recruiter’s questions from the comfort of their own home. The recruiter will then what the recorded videos and review the answers when convenient. Using this software instead of a traditional company newsletter will allow you to communicate directly with staff, throwing your own personality and company culture into the usually mundane announcements. The software also makes it easy for an executive to record themselves reading the announcements and then quickly share the video company-wide.

How to Get Started with Video Interviewing Software

The suggestions above are different ways you can use video interviewing software, but that isn’t what the system was designed to do. Of course, video interviewing was created to be a recruitment tool, helping hiring teams streamline their process. The main goal of the software is to help recruiters hire the best person for the job as quickly as possible. 

Author bio: Tamara Gravelle is a Senior Content Writer and Competitive Research Analyst at VidCruiter. She specializes in writing about video interviewing software, HR technology, and the greater human resources industry. She tweets at @VidCruiter

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