Having many products in your online store must be difficult to deal with. Not just because you have to be aware of what kind of items you have so you can help your customers if they have a question. It’s also not a child’s play when you have to manage your products, to keep the data up to date. What details are under the surface that new e-commerce store owners don’t know about? Let’s dive into this topic.

First of all, let’s see what product management means. When you have an online store it’s possible that it’s not you who manufactures the products that are available for customers. If you are selling suppliers’ articles, you probably get the items through data files. You will always have to invest time and effort to be sure that every piece of information about the products is correct in your e-shop; think about inventory quantity or price changes for example. Managing products’ data means changing the feed files, checking the updates one-by-one, being aware of the new details day by day. It’s time and money consuming. What if you have only a few products? Well, your work is easier for sure, but what if your stock consists of hundreds or thousands of articles?

Many people don’t even know that they have another option when it is about managing loads of products manually. But let’s just not get too far ahead. In the first instance, we will check the benefits and the drawbacks of manual product management, and after that we will go through why automated management ease the store owners’ work.

product management

Managing products manually

When does manual product management worth the effort the best? When you have only a few products, and you are the manufacturer. If you have your own items, you can have control over your products. However, if you created a lot of goods, and your – for example – inventory quantity is connected to another system – so there is a software that is checking the purchases and your physical stock – you won’t be able to do the manual management anymore. It’s nerve-wracking to always try to make sure you have checked every detail and also to make sure that the file you just saved is a hundred percent correct.

What are the other drawbacks of working with product data manually?

You lose valuable time by correcting the data manually. This correction means you have to check your supplier’s data file every day whether it has been updated or not. If yes, you have to go through your product list and make the changes in your store. You can do it on your own, or if you can afford to have help, you can hire people to manage these updates for you. With this step, we arrived to the second problem with manual management. It is like wasting money unnecessarily. If there is a solution for your issue, why would you pay too much money on human resources? All right, everything has two sides. It’s good for those students or full-time workers who you would hire, because you support their financial life, however, if you’re just starting your business, you probably can’t afford to spend a lot of money on everything that just comes to your mind.

What else? The list is still not full. Maybe it sounds cliché and a bit funny and weird too, but manual product management is not good for your health. It makes you stressed. Why? 1. Because you have to check the changes in a list of so many products. 2. Because it takes a lot of time and money. 3. Because you will have tons of complaining e-mails from your customers. Also, think about the messages you would have to send them apologizing that the product is actually not in stock anymore, for example. If it will happen again and again, customers won’t trust your service anymore. Not to mention the financial part of the dead orders. If your supplier increases the price of a certain product and you don’t notice it in time and list the product in your store at a cheaper price, it will result in needing to sell the product for your customer at the displayed price and you would even lose money.

product management

The next drawback is facing difficulties, dead ends. What if the supplier’s data feed file is something that is not suitable for the e-commerce platform’s structure? Unfortunately, it happens all the time as every platform has its own unique file structure. 

If you want to manage your products manually and successfully you can have fewer products so you can see everything clear and all the product and their data can be transparent for you. Nevertheless, let’s see what can happen. If you have unique, special products, it’s not a problem that you don’t have too many items, because you can compensate with the value. What if you are selling women clothes? Probably it is more beneficial to sell more than for example thirty products. So, you will need a solution for manual management. What I want to say now is that if you have more products – for example clothing ones– it’s more likely that you will have more customers because they can choose items from a more colorful selection. But be careful! Find the balance, and do not try to sell too many types of products, it doesn’t worth it.

Managing products automatically

There is one simple solution that can solve your problems, also those issues you haven’t even known about yet. If you pick the right service, you can do product management automatically with many useful extras.

You don’t have to worry about the product file’s structure anymore, because if you pick a good software, they will take care of these technical steps, and can manage different kinds of formats and structures. It makes your work easier. Also, with a proper application that automatizes the product uploads and updates on a daily basis for you, you will also be able to manage the pricing, the price margins and also the product filtering easily.

product management

Are you thinking about having loads of products? If you choose a well-built service that does product management in bulk automatically, you will also be able to filter the items from the file, and make sure you will have only those products in your e-store that you would like to sell from your suppliers.

If you automate the process, you can forget about losing money, time, and also losing customers and your patience. Your products’ prices, inventory quantity details and every necessary information will be constantly up to date from day to day without the manual process it would require from you. You don’t have to check the changes all the time. Some additional benefits are also that you can create unique and attractive product names with variant tags you want, and also a neat product description. Moreover, your customers can see high-quality images.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are viewpoints that show the advantages of manual product managing, but comparing it to the benefits of the automatic process, you can see that there are more drawbacks when compared to software solutions. If you would like to spend your precious time with things like being with your family, and performing more useful tasks when it comes to managing your business. In addition, you also wouldn’t want to just burn money unnecessarily then you should find the software that can constantly and smoothly upload and update your product data.

Author bio: Barbara Racz is a content manager and e-commerce adviser at Syncee. Her passion is strong for e-commerce novelties, online stores, and creative content creating. She is committed to helping others succeed by her writings. She has a master degree in Communication and Media Studies.

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