Although videogame developers are today more numerous than they were ever before, none of them can quite measure up to Blizzard Entertainment. The reason behind this is quite simple, while others constantly try to develop new game concepts, Blizzard reached the top with just few franchises. However, being that all of these franchises are among the most played, and most recognizable in the gaming industry there is little surprise here. This is why we always eagerly await BlizzCon to see which one of our old favorite video games is getting revamped this year.

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Naturally, whenever there is a BlizzCon or ComicCon (or any Con in fact) it is followed by incredible cosplays. Fans from all over the world come to attend this annual event and use the opportunity to dress as their favorite video game, movie or comic book characters. Still, the greatest difference in BlizzCon (cosplay-wise) is that great majority of people come dressed as Warcraft or Starcraft characters. This is why, a Tauren warrior, Blood Elf priest or a Terran Marine were not an uncommon sigh at the Anaheim Convention Center on 6th and 7th November this year.

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The big news

As far as I can track, there were some rumors about Warcraft live action movie for over a decade now. This is why I was a bit suspicious about the whole thing even when actors and roles were announced. However, on the BlizzCon 2015 we were able to see a solid evidence, an actual movie trailer. This brought joy to the hearts of many people out there. I myself must admit that I hadn’t had goosebumps like that in a long, long time. All we need to do now is wait a bit less than a year more (June 10th 2016) in order to see whether all of the patience was worth it.


Naturally, wherever there is a BlizzCon, there are various tournaments in games they developed. It would simply be unfair not to mention the names of some of the winners. First SOS, managed to win his second Starcraft 2 World Championship in a row, with which this Protoss player all but entered legend. Next, Ostaka, from Sweden managed to win a Hearthstone World Championship by beating Canadian player Hotform.

starcraft worlds

Talking about new games

Even though all of these things were great, nobody awaits BlizzCon just for cosplay so let’s talk about new game features. To start off with the most important news, a new expansion for World of Warcraft, Legion was announced.

Here Blizzard will introduce a new class, Demon Hunter (a two spec tank/dps class) as well as new scaling system to leveling area which will finally make this game into a true open world. However, whether this will be enough to remedy all the damage that Cataclysm and MoP made to this game is yet to be seen. Furthermore, not much was revealed about Overwatch while it was mentioned that HoS will get a new matchmaking system in the nearest future.

The Effects

The results of a manifestation like this is always good for gaming industry. On the second day of BlizzCon, BioWare rushed to regain at least a bit of attention by launching a new teaser for the long anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda.

All in all, much was announced and the impressions are various. Some were pleased, some were disappointed but when the dust settles and all the things announced are launched we will be able to pass valid judgment. As the BlizzCon itself, it did not disappoint and neither did the closing ceremony performed by Linkin Park.


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