People who love video games often have a problem affording $60+ for their favorite titles, but with the holiday season comes an opportunity not to be missed. It all began during the Thanksgiving weekend with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin being offered for free download worldwide. However, there is a catch and it is no coincidence that Hitman is the game being given for free. Generations and generations of gamers grew up controlling the bald assassin and this offer is hitting our nostalgia spot big time. This is, of course, a smart marketing scheme to get us to purchase more and more games over the winter months – but that is no reason to avoid it!

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Hey, Big Spender!

Everyone knows how cool holidays are, no matter how old you are. A general appreciation for this season starts developing in youth and often continues long after you have grown up. That is why it is no surprise that many elders still await the famous “night before Christmas” just as eagerly as their children. (Sometimes even more eagerly, but, shhhh – tell nobody!)


The holiday season starts with Halloween and continues after the New Year’s Eve, with Thanksgiving and Black Friday in between and, of course, Christmas topping it all off. Knowing that people spend more money during the winter, big companies start promotions, sales and discounts at least a month before Christmas. People often spend more than they can afford, but this trend is not limited to the USA only – it is present in Europe as well, especially in Great Britain and Ireland.

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Innovations, Innovations, Innovations

However, not everything is about the money in the video game industry and you can still find some genuine love for this pastime. Just look at the offer Microsoft made with the Xbox games you can purchase this Black Friday – the plethora of games is so versatile that you cannot ignore it! Yes, there are a couple of titles everyone loves, such as Need for Speed (because we all love driving around the town not caring for the speed limits, right?), but the other picks include something for everyone, from FPS and sports to HOPAs and MMORPGs.


Another great deal comes from Steam and their Black Friday offer – a similar one was done for Halloween, too – that is sure to change the game. Namely, a unique discounted prize will not change for the entire week this promotion is active, but these offers might not even be the cheapest ones out there! Nonetheless, people running Steam are aware that what they give is attractive to the majority of players around the world and is ready for quite a wide audience.

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Nevertheless: Beware!

With these and other offers, gamers will have a great chance to get their favorite games digitally and save a considerable amount of money. However, do not go overboard and think that such an offer will last forever and fulfill you in the months to follow. Do not forget that every sale is about taking your dollars, euros and pounds, so approach it with caution.

Posted by Nate M. Vickery

Nate M. Vickery is an entrepreneur and marketing consultant from Sydney, Australia. Lately he is mostly engaged in investing and developing his web designing hobby. Aside from work he enjoys spending time in the great Australian outback and watching football games.