The Android user fan base goes crazy with every mention regarding the release of a new device, however, with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X it seems as if they have one more reason to be excited about. You see, it’s suggested that the Samsung Galaxy phone that’s scheduled for early 2019 is going to be foldable. As for the release, most likely it will come in January 2019, while some even speak of November 2018.

Keep in mind that the term Galaxy X is a name used by the online community as a working title, due to the fact that the name has not been confirmed by any official source. Other suggestions are also Galaxy F, Galaxy R and Galaxy P. This raises another question: what can we really know about the device if we don’t even know the name under which it will be released? Here are some hints that the online community has managed to pick up so far.

1.      Rumored specification

Like with any other phone, the first thing that needs to be considered is the specifications. As for thescreen resolution, it will most likely be at 3840×2160 pixels. The reason for this 4K resolution is the fact that the screen will have a harder time maintaining the same image quality when folded. The most likely processor will be either Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 and the device will come with, at least, 6 GB of RAM. Due to the foldability of the device, the battery will, most likely, not be removable, even though it will certainly have an SD card slot.

Now, the last issue that a lot of people tend to raise is the one of the material. The flexible OLED panel with an unbreakable substrate is the only logical conclusion. This feature alone may sound incredibly cool but it also means that the price of manufacturing a single device might end up being fairly steep. According to some estimates, it will be as high as $1,850, making it one of the most expensive phones on the market.

2.      The display

One thing that everyone is curious about is the issue of the display and how all of this will work out on a foldable phone. The truth is that no one really knows. What we do know is that the phone will have about 7.3-inch display. As for these displays, when folded it will either act as a miniature laptop (with a screen on one and a keyboard on other) or it could have screens on both ends and be held in hand like a booklet. If we’re being completely honest, both of these uses make perfect sense, which is why it’s quite logical to expect that we’ll be able to use the phone in both of these ways.

Apart from this, when folded, the phone is supposed to take the form of a wallet, with a miniature display on one side and cameras on the other. The display we’ve just mentioned is supposed to hold the information like notifications, battery and time.

One last thing. According to some sources, S10+ is expected to feature a somewhat larger screen than Galaxy Note 9. This is, on its own, an impressive feat and might be an indicator of the future direction of the Galaxy X, as well.

3.      Camera

As for the camera, not much is known at this moment. What we expect is a standard 12Mp dual-lens camera, as well as some extra features we’ve seen in previous Samsung phones and tablets. At the very least, we’re expecting Flaw Detection and AI Scene Optimizer. Nonetheless, some leaks suggest that the back of the phone could even get a triple-lens camera system. Others imply that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ will have as much as 5 cameras, yet, we have no knowledge whether this will be true for the Galaxy X.

4.      Security

There have been some speculations that the Samsung Galaxy X might lack the scanner, which would be a major security concern, but these claims are not only inaccurate but also quite opposite from the truth. If anything, Samsung plans to step up the game by introducing the ultrasonic display-based fingerprint sensor. After all, it would be outright irresponsible to release such an expensive piece of equipment out in the world without ensuring its security first.


At the very end, it’s important mentioning that there are some rumors that the prototype of this phone ranges all the way back to early 2011 (at least if it’s the concept of the foldable phone that we’re talking about). This means that this phone would be about 8 years in the making. Due to the fact that the manufacturer has waited for so long to go out with the product, what we can expect are some truly remarkable results.

Since the production was delayed in 2013 due to some problems, it’s more than clear that the cash-grab wasn’t the only motive behind the release but a battle in prestige and technological boundary-pushing. The fact that they’re announcing the release so close might mean that they’re confident in their product and consider that it will bring them a victory in this smartphone Space Race. Whether or not this prediction will hold true remains to be seen.

Posted by Dan Radak

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