Battery life on new Android devices is great, but after awhile your device just doesn’t seem to hold a charge like it used to. Unlock the reasons your Android’s battery is draining by downloading the AccuBattery app. With the free basic version, you’ll discover how much charge your battery can actually hold, and which phone habits are draining your battery fastest.

Charge Your Battery to Peak Efficiency


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The battery in your Android device does better when it’s charged to 80 percent instead of to 100 percent. The team behind AccuBattery discovered that charging the battery to 80 percent puts less wear on the battery. Each time you charge your smartphone, the battery goes through a charging cycle. Your Android’s battery is only good for a certain number of cycles before it stops working very well, and charging to 80 percent helps reduce the number of cycles you use up. The AccuBattery app offers an alarm that lets you know when your battery is at 80 percent.

Learn About Battery Health


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Your battery is designed to hold a certain capacity when fully charged. AccuBattery measures the amount of milliamp hours (mAh) your battery actually holds against how much it should, letting you know how much charging capacity your battery has left. On the same stats page in the app, you’ll find a chart showing how much damage your battery has sustained each day. The way the app measures wear is in charging cycles, so on days when you charge your phone to 100 percent or leave it plugged in after it’s charged, you’ll see a higher degree of wear.

Discover Your Greediest Apps


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Through a comprehensive list, AccuBattery shows you how much battery life each of your phone’s apps drains. The list starts with the biggest culprits, giving you both mAh of battery used and what percentage of your battery each app uses. AccuBattery also offers a pro version that offers specific stats about each app. Visit Android Headlines to find out more about the AccuBattery PRO features. You’d be surprised by how even the apps you don’t think you use very often can contribute to your battery’s life over the course of a single charge.

See Your Phone Usage


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AccuBattery displays what it calls your discharging data, or how often you use your phone and how that usage drains your battery. This feature displays the number of hours you’ve had your screen on over a seven-day period and how long the phone spends with the screen off. So you don’t have to keep opening the app, AccuBattery sends you notifications to let you know how your battery is doing each hour. You can adjust these notifications, but if you’re really trying to adjust how you use your smartphone’s battery, you’ll love getting the reminder.

AccuBattery teaches you which aspects of your phone usage drain your battery most. You also learn what behaviors actively harm your battery and how to rectify your usage habits to preserve your battery as much as possible.

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