The new Cintiq 24HD Touch has hit the shelves. Whether you are a  professional photographer, cartoonist, artist, or designer, you should check out this latest professional-grade product. You can write, draw or edit directly on screen that offers a vast digital workspace.  This multi-touch tablet is formidable in both size and style, but it also comes with a hefty price tag. Around $3000 will make you want to get familiar with its characteristics first.

What to do with this monster?

The courier might curse the day he accepted the job, since this gentle monster weights a ton. Thus, our advice is to put it on a large sturdy desk, and avoid moving it too often. After 15 minutes you should be ready to try it out since software installation is like clockwork.

An ergonomic base is home to a 24-inch screen which can be configured according to your preferences. This tablet also has an adjustable leg stand and metal arms with two pair of hinges that allow the adjustment of viewing angle up to 178°

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The design is similar to the non-touch version of the 24HD. The first things you will notice are the controls on the top of the display’s face.  Native resolution is full HD, 1,920 x 1,200 pixels.  You can immerse yourself in more than a billion colors, which is the imposing 97% of Adobe’s RGB color gamut.

So what’s the big deal?

Display resolution and screen size are similar to previous models, but the big news is the introduction of the multi-touch controls. You can zoom in with one hand while sketching with the other, keeping the creative process fluid. Check out how it works with Adobe Illustrator.

All information is displayed on the screen, and there are no printed-on labels. To improve productivity, the 30.3 x 18.3-inch surface area features the programmable ExpressKeys, Touch rings, and two Touch strips on either side of the display.

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The input device works flawlessly. The pen can be calibrated and it comes with 10 replaceable nibs.  There are 2,048 levels of sensitivity to explore, and you will use the two-finger actions to zoom in/out and rotate the canvas a lot.  Other operations requiring more fingers are not as practical.

The Surface of the display still offers a great freedom to make the most out of the combination of touch and stylus. The screen will quickly match what is inside your head, and you will realize that the drawing has never felt so comfortable and natural before. Even people who are not very keen on touchscreen could change their mind after some practice.

Simply the best

Cintiq 24HD touch is a sublime piece of equipment any design professional would be satisfied with. Both the pen and multi-touch input work perfectly, and you can produce lifelike images. It is excellent for video, art, animation and 3D production. Besides the price tag and weight, there are no reasons not to purchase this impressive behemoth. It offers a full HD intuitive experience even to the most demanding customers. If you want to draw, edit, paint, design, animate, you might as well do it with the best product there is. It’s an artist’s dream come true.


Posted by Howard Bell

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