Many successful company owners, directors and managers tend to run most of their tasks off their mobile phones. How do they do it?

One of the answers is cloud computing. It enabled businesses to go mobile and now there is a plethora of excellent business tools and application software for you to choose from.


The Cloud

Mobile cloud computing is a combination of cloud computing, mobile computing and wireless networks. This means that you can access useful files and software wherever you may find yourself and work without having to boot up your laptop.

You can now use rich mobile applications that offer high functionality, introduce interaction, offer a unique experience and have a quick response.



Computer programs that are used by executives and managers have highly evolved by now and are very important when doing work on your mobile device. Business software is any software that can be useful for your line of business.

It is not hard to imagine a man that does everything on his smart phone since the software development industry is thriving and we get new tools that are coming out on a daily basis.


Virtual Meeting 

Nowadays, you don’t have to commute for a long time just to get to your short, but important meeting. Namely, Skype enables you to hold a virtual meeting by using its conference call feature.

I am sure that here is at least one international business meeting  going via this application, at this very moment.


Take Notes 

Another fine example of a functional computer program you can use on your mobile phone is Evernote. It is a suite of software made particularly for taking notes and archiving. All throughout the day you can store important information and quickly access it.

Many businessmen would rather use their phones to take notes than boot up their laptops.  You don’t have to worry about misplacing it and most importantly, you can carry it with yourself wherever you go.


Still Imperfect 

Unfortunately, there are some limitations when it comes to running a business from a mobile phone.  First of all, it might be very frustrating to create and edit documents, mainly because the tiny screen disrupts ones work flow. In my opinion,  it is much faster to type anything with a large keyboard at your disposal.

What is also an irritating endeavor is making PowerPoint presentations on your phone.  You really need to pay attention to details and use images that might be large for the tiny screen and zooming would just take too much precious time.

Another disadvantage is that  you cannot work while you simultaneously speak to someone on the phone unless you have an earpiece.


Closing Words

Nevertheless, we can conclude that it actually is possible to run a business off your mobile phone. It cannot outperform a desktop computer, but it will take most of its functions mobile and someday, hopefully, replace it.

Posted by Dan Radak

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites.