Almost all entrepreneurs who dare to set sails on the waters of e-commerce on their own have a strong desire to exert high levels of control over every segment of the business operations. This is, of course, natural, because you have a lot on the line and you wish to succeed. However, there are also those who believe that they can be everywhere at the same time which is naturally not possible. 

Instead, you need to take a hard look at your business structure and find individuals who will lead their teams and report to you. However, when assessing your business and employee structure, another thing you should consider is outsourcing certain areas of work since your e-commerce business can profit a lot from it. If you are reluctant to give it a chance, here are some benefits to outsourcing to have in mind when making that decision. 

Decrease the overall costs

Running a business costs money, there’s no denying it but to be able to earn, you should be practical and allocate your business budget strategically. For an IT company, it’s a whole other ball game but for most businesses, hiring a couple of full-time IT experts for occasional projects and tasks around the office isn’t at all rational since you have a lot of expenses. 

On the other hand, if for now you only need people for one-time projects, then it is more cost-effective to outsource this portion of your e-commerce business and pay experienced professionals only for the work that they do. This means there are no additional expenses while the work gets finished expertly and on time. In case your needs grow, you can use the money you saved up by outsourcing to hire an internal IT team to cover the entire workload. 

Access to the newest technology

If your e-commerce business doesn’t sell high-tech equipment, chances are that you make do with the equipment and software solutions that you have and you acquire new ones only if their efficiency has been proven to the point of them being outdated. The situation may not be that grim but rational allocation of resources means that you won’t waste precious funds on some technology fads.

By outsourcing a part of your business, let’s say, customer service, you will not only get skilled workers who will get your attention with their amazing resume but the best technology that is currently in use within that niche. but the best technology that is currently in use within that niche. To earn more, a high level of customer satisfaction is necessary which means that the issue needs to be communicated through whichever channel suits them the most, something that the cloud-hosted call center solutions offer, and their issue addressed promptly. You would also be able to access customer data from other programs and monitor the external customer service agents in real-time which will give you peace of mind. 

Store your data safely

The security of your business data and the private data on your customers is of utmost importance for your business operations and reputation as well. Imagine the damage your reputation would sustain if some customer-related data leaked – this is a problem not even the biggest names in the e-commerce industry would be able to afford and conquer without some loss.

This is why the optimal solution in that regard is moving to the cloud – all your business data would be stored safely and all access points would need to be protected by passwords or some additional layers of security. You and your employees would be able to upload new and access stored information from anywhere in the world in a secure manner which makes physical storage and full-time employee monitoring the said hardware obsolete which also decreases the chance for human error. You will also reduce your carbon footprint if you opt for cloud storage which is an important cause in this digital era.

Boost in-house productivity 

If you analysed your business structure and budget allocations and concluded that a part of your business should be outsourced, now is the time to look at your other full-time employees. Without the burden of having additional tasks to cover something they are not that experienced at and which is now being handled externally, they will be able to focus more on their core duties.

This means that they would be more efficient and this intense focus on their tasks will allow them to see problems easier as well as suggest solutions for them. In other words, they will not only do what’s needed but without the extra workload which wasn’t theirs to bear, they would also be more attentive when it comes to details and more open-minded in seeing the bigger picture. Generally, your internal team will be less stressed out and more concentrated which will boost overall productivity and even bring about some useful changes.  


One of the biggest fears regarding outsourcing that novices in the world of entrepreneurship face is that of losing control. However, the control over the external teams, thanks to the latest technology, can be even tighter than over the internal teams which aren’t 100% active outside of breaks. Also, by hiring an external team for one-time projects, you can save substantial amounts because you would be paying them only for the amount of work they perform. When you hand over some tasks to external experts, your internal teams’ productivity will also grow. 

Posted by Raul Harman