In all probability, you’ve already spent hours thinking about your domain name, trying to figure out which one you should choose. It’s almost expected from you to have that hesitant approach to this issue, since we are all well aware that your domain name is the breaking point of your brand and your business in general.

So let’s break down the philosophy behind this crucial step for your online brand awareness.

For instance, you might as well be an award winning therapist, with a respectful career and dozens of happy clients, literally an undisputed professional in a certain field. What you absolutely need to understand when you are offering services online is that you are entering a vast market. Do you know how many therapists are online? That’s old news.

So if you, a professional therapist, decide to simply baptize your website by your last name that’s probably a good call. You’ll send a message to your target audience that you are a professional with a clear reputation with your mark (let’s say that Holowic is a suiting last name for a therapist).

The only problem that doctor Holowic will have with this choice is the fact that he will completely go unnoticed and will miss thousands of prospects with this “distinguished” yet unprofitable approach. The reality is that we don’t know what Holowic does and if we stumble upon his name anywhere in our search we can equally assume that he is a dentist, a plumber, a professional entertainer etc.

You can have a bulletproof SEO strategy and eventually your online marketing efforts will start bringing in clients – that is a fact. But what concerns us here is your return on investment. Always bear in mind that your domain is a crucial part of your brand and your brand needs to deliver a transparent message to your future clients. One thing that every marketer is probably tired of repeating constantly is that you need to deliver your message fast and in a fashion that won’t require any additional explanations.

The sooner your audience identifies with your brand, the sooner they will click on your advertisement.

So if Holowic is a therapist, he needs to let people know what he is offering instantaneously. The very moment your ad reaches your target audience they need to identify with it, relate to your message, and feel compelled to click on your website.

Do you feel compelled to click on I don’t to be honest, my first thought is that this person is a Russian spy from some James Bond movie. Literally, I feel like his profile photo will feature our poor doctor with an eye patch and a shotgun in his hands.


How about HolowicHeals.Com? Does that feel better? It certainly does. It’s got a nice ring to it, it’s easily pronounced and what is more important I instantly understand that Holowic is some sort of a therapist.

Having a clear image of your business, services or offer is a crucial feature of every online marketing strategy. From lead magnets to the very domain name you need to let people know what is it that they are possibly gaining from you the very moment you get their attention.

Your image, your colors, your attitude, everything should be transparent from that one, initial glance. To elaborate with an appropriate example – take a look at the following image.


Do you feel hungry yet? Take a look at that wonderful piece of what seems to be a still warm pizza pie. It’s got some fresh and delicious pepperoni on it, juicy mushrooms, blood red tomatoes, it even seems that there is some cheese on the crust and olives are all cut in mini circles. Tell me that you are not hungry but I won’t believe you. This is just yummy.

This is how you deliver a message instantly. Learn from this delicious example and apply it to your website and more importantly – to your domain name.

Now back to our beloved therapist. The fact that he has this Heals.Com suffix added to his last name makes me feel even more compelled to click on it. In fact I would click on it just because I feel intrigued.

Having a bulletproof domain can save you time and investments through a catchy phrase or a name that people can relate to. And as soon as they start clicking on your website in the search you’ll know that you’ve made a great choice. After that, the only thing that you need is a reliable server and host that will keep your domain online of course, such as Prolimehost for instance.

But before you contact Prolimehost, let’s have another look at the most important factors that you need to count on when thinking about your domain name:

  1. Aesthetic approach – always take into consideration how your name will show up in search and how your logo will correspond with it.
  2. Keep it evocative – let visitors know what is it that you do the moment they spot your domain name.
  3. Keyword friendly – it wouldn’t hurt if you get a chance to implement the keyword that you are targeting in your very domain.
  4. Target market friendly – address your clients.
  5. Original – the most important aspect is to keep your name catchy, easy to type, easy for pronunciation and cool. Remember that your clients need to relate to it.

Posted by Nate M. Vickery

Nate M. Vickery is an entrepreneur and marketing consultant from Sydney, Australia. Lately he is mostly engaged in investing and developing his web designing hobby. Aside from work he enjoys spending time in the great Australian outback and watching football games.