Whether we like it or not, working from home has become a reality for most of us in these last two years. Although the situation is becoming a bit better as we are slowly saying goodbye to lockdown, the truth is that a lot of companies have still kept some form of remote work. This can mean that you spend a few days at the office and the rest of the week, you work from home. Or, perhaps, you have discovered the perks of not having to commute and thus opted to work remotely for the foreseeable future. In any case, you probably have at least one video conference call a day. If you are using zoom, join a zoom test meeting first, check how to blur background in zoom, then focus on something equally important – style.

Although the plan to spend the whole day in pajamas seems irresistible, you know that a conference call requires something better than your washed-out tee. So, you may be wondering how to still look professional and stylish for the upcoming meeting without having to spend two hours trying on different options. No worries, as we have the best tips on how to dress for success: remote working edition.

Elegant, but also comfortable

For the next important meeting, no matter if it is a video call with a client or an internal one with your colleagues, you certainly want to look classy and suitable for the occasion. However, deciding to go for a fashion item that is too tight or rigid and makes you feel uncomfortable will affect the way you perform and will definitely lower your confidence. Thus, make sure to feel like yourself in what you wear. 

Also, as we approach summer, you want something lightweight and chic. Luckily, nowadays, we have a variety of online brands that offer stylish women’s workwear in Australia, making it extremely easy for all of us to check out and get some cute pieces. Sleeveless tops, shirt dresses, and trendy jumpsuits are just some of the options that can serve the purpose of this occasion. Even more, these kinds of fashionable and convenient pieces can be worn in other situations, such as a dinner at a nice restaurant or a Sunday brunch with the girls.

A blazer fixes everything

The ultimate item of work attire is surely a high-quality blazer. This is a piece you want to invest in, as it comes in handy both for your video conference calls and the office environment. The best is to equip yourself with a few blazers, in different colors and styles. For example, you can go for a classic navy one and a tan one, as well as one tailored suit jacket and a collarless blazer. Combine this elegant piece with a crisp white shirt, or in case you work in an industry with a more relaxed dress code, opt for a monochromatic T-shirt or a cami tank top (cotton or silky). 

Additionally, as you are layering clothes, make sure that the colors are suitable, not only for fashion purposes but also because you don’t want the colors to be clashing on camera. We should mention that, although a blazer truly gives a professional note to any outfit, it shouldn’t be mixed with overly casual items like hoodies or graphic T-shirts. And in no instance are you allowed to throw on a blazer over your pajama top as this is a big NO.

Neutral colors are the way to go

Even though a form-fitting, red suit is a powerful fashion item you would wear for a real-life meeting to assert confidence and look stylish at the same time, this may not be the best choice for a video conference call. Bold colors, just like very bright, neon ones, simply don’t translate well on camera and can make your appearance unflattering. 

The same applies to black and white, which leaves neutral colors as the best option for your wardrobe choice. Go for the olive, navy, ashy pink, or brown blazers, blouses, and tops. However, keep in mind that the nuances you have opted for shouldn’t be similar to the color of your background or your skin tone, as this will give you an unfavorable look on camera. Additionally, keep your hands off of bold, striking patterns and shiny fabrics. Instead, to have a focal point, go for classic red lipstick or an attractive piece of jewelry.

To sum up, we can say that looking stylish and business-appropriate for your next online meeting shouldn’t be an issue. By investing in a few staple pieces in which you feel confident, you will be able to freely present your clients or coworkers with your knowledge and skills. Moreover, a few alluring details will truly make you dressed for success. 

Posted by Raul Harman