When we think of hard labor areas, we usually think of male-dominated industries such as construction, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. These industries require specific safetywear, and there are certain protocols and requirements that need to be followed when it comes to safetywear design.

While these requirements usually cater only to the male workforce, with a rising number of female workers, there is an increased need for designing safetywear that will be just as comfortable and fitting for them as it is for their male counterparts. 

If you are looking to upgrade performance safetywear, here is how choosing the right one can benefit female workers.

It ensures workplace safety

Workers in the labor force face a number of challenges on a daily basis. From dealing with harsh elements to standing for long periods of time, keeping up with the physical demands of a specific workplace can be taxing. No one wants to spend precious time adjusting their clothes or dealing with garments that are getting in the way of performing their job. On the other hand, wearing clothing that’s comfortable but not designed specifically for your profession can be dangerous since it leaves you vulnerable to a range of different physical injuries.

Female workers, just like their male counterparts, need quality, durable garments that will stand the test of time and resist the job site rigors. Whether that means reaching for moisture-wicking, flame-resistant, wind or waterproof clothes, and protective gear, the right safetywear goes a long way in making sure the workers are suitably protected. It also helps companies protect their bottom line, whether from an increase in workers’ compensation and sick leaves or a decline in workplace productivity.

It provides women with optimal comfort

When it comes to manual work garment design, many manufacturers tend to stick by the shrink it and pink it motto. In other words, they take shortcuts by making cosmetic changes to existing men’s workwear designs and offering them to the female workforce. The thing is, simply producing male-focused garments in smaller sizes and traditionally “girly” colors such as pink just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

The truth is, women workers need female-specific pieces that will fit their bodies comfortably. This involves reaching for garments that are fitted at the chest and waist and that allow for freedom of movement. Not only will this keep women comfortable, but it’ll also allow them to perform manual jobs wearing garments that are fit for a purpose.

It can give women a major confidence boost

Aside from keeping us safe and comfortable, the right workwear can also boost our self-esteem. Well-fitting garments can make us feel powerful and much more confident, which will positively impact the way we perform. And while there’s no shortage of looks and styles for women to choose from, what’s being even more emphasized these days is workwear practicality.

With Australian trendsetters heading in a more practical direction instead of being concerned with fashion, we’re witnessing a major shift in corporate wear trends. As a result, purchasing workwear in Australia is now less about looking good and more about promoting social corporate responsibility. By building a sustainable and well-fitting workwear wardrobe, women can give a stylish upgrade to their corporate image and boost their confidence without being wasteful.

Bolsters female worker productivity and morale

It is in every company’s best interest to maintain high levels of productivity among their workers in all the different sectors. One of the simplest steps they can take to ensure their workers remain motivated and productive is by providing all their workers with proper work attire. Wearing the correct fit ensures that female workers whose roles come with potential hazards remain protected. It also bolsters their morale since they don’t have to deal with clothing and equipment that constricts their movement and causes discomfort. This also increases the likelihood of workers complying with PPE policies and workplace uniforms, which leads to creating a safer and more secure workplace.

With more brands coming up with women’s workwear designs that support comfort and safety, there’s not a single excuse for companies not to dedicate an equal amount of consideration to their female workforce and equip them with garments that will make them feel safe, protected, and – most importantly – included.

Wrapping up

Not only does the right safetywear ensure workers’ well-being and health, but it also helps them stay comfortable while performing their daily tasks. All these are crucial factors for keeping your workforce happy and productive, regardless of the sector, they’re working in. 

By making sure that they’re catering to both female and male workforce in terms of safetywear design, companies can ensure that their workers are equipped with clothing that will keep them performing at their best while simultaneously reducing their risk of workplace injuries.

Posted by Raul Harman