It is official and the clock is ticking! Apple’s developer conference date is set for June 4-8. Rather than San Francisco (as usual), Apple has decided to organize this event in San Jose. This annual event offers plenty of innovations for both developers and gadget enthusiasts and represents a chance for everybody to get a glimpse of what Apple is planning for the future.

Last year WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) gave us HomePod as well as new iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9. They also revealed watchOS 4 as well as iOS 11 with a variety of new features.

This year, Apple is taking everything a step further in the terms of newest updates and ideas. In order to bring you closer to their vision, we made a list of likely things to expect from Apple this year.

1. iOS 12

Every time Apple announces the newest iOS in their series, users are keeping their fingers crossed in anticipation. Although it’s somewhat of a mystery what exactly the new iOS will bring, developers have a pretty good guess. Based on the problems with iOS 11 (speed, frequent device crashes, battery issues) newer version will have to address those problems. We may expect improvements to the core apps like Camera, Mail, Photos that should make the system more stable. Besides performance and stability, Apple will also focus on security with a spotlight on parental controls due to increased phone addiction among children.

2. New iPhones?

In March 2017, many expected the upgrade of popular SE model to the iPhone SE2 or maybe SEs. Yet, the only upgrade it got was in its storage from 32GB to 128GB. Rumor has it that we can expect the A10 chip to be implemented in the new SE model along with the more powerful camera.

A story with the iPhone X is also wrapped in a coat of mystery. Speculations go from the possible announcement of the cheaper version of iPhone XI to the situation where we will have two models of iPhone XI: one with extra large 6.46 – inch screen and the other smaller with a 5.85 – inch screen. The cheaper version will presumably lack 3D Touch and will use a cheaper display. On the other hand, the two-models option will definitely not be cheap, since it was suggested that they may use Intel instead of the usual Qualcomm modems.

However, it is likely Apple will keep their upgrades a secret until their traditional launch of new iPhones models in September.

3. watchOS 5

A couple of months ago Apple released Watch 3 and it was mainly focused on running and the LTE model. That is why this upcoming WWDC is an excellent spot to further improve these features and offer even more possibilities for improvement. We are essentially talking about potential sleep tracking feature for this smartwatch as well as some new customization options in the Control Center.

4. Redesigned Mac PRO

It’s been known for a while that a Mac Pro is ripe for new improvements and redesign. Recently, Apple stated that they are working on the next generation of Mac Pro with architecture that will ensure the highest performance, upgradable design, and a high-end display. It is likely that Apple will include new custom coprocessors.

Although we have waited for a long time for this to happen, WWDC 2018 may be a perfect opportunity to introduce this powerful desktop computer.  This will be the great joy of all developers.

5. iPad

Concerning last year’s update on iPad Pro, we can expect some news on the newest release during this WWDC 2018.  Latest talks about the new model suggest it will come in two varieties: 10.5- and 12.9-inch size. It will include a TrueDepth camera with a bezel-less design (courtesy of the iPhone X) as well as Face ID. It’s name may not be officially iPad Pro 3, but the new iPad Pro will try to be more of a laptop replacement.



Posted by Claudia Paisley