Modern technology continues to reshape how various businesses operate these days. New technological innovations get adopted by companies and brands alike, in order to boost their efficiency, performance and relevancy. Nowadays, there’s a lot of buzz going about artificial intelligence (AI). AI has been in development for some years now, and it has found its way into various industries.

AI’s machine learning, deep learning and natural language recognition capabilities make this technology one of the primary assets for many companies. In a world where big data is increasingly popular, businesses simply need AI to fully utilize this information to its fullest potential. Not only that, but AI’s capabilities make it an excellent tool for solving various marketing problems brands are facing today. That being said, here are a few ways AI can solve a brand’s marketing problems and challenges.


Customer service and support

Every brand faces a particularly difficult problem of providing a seamless customer service and support to their ever-growing consumer base. The more popular a brand is, the more followers it attracts. It becomes almost impossible to serve everyone’s needs. More importantly, online consumers expect from brands to be up to this challenge and provide everyone with an exceptional experience. As a matter of fact, 51% of consumers expect brands to be available to them 24/7.

No brand can manage the expenses of hiring full-time support staff that will accommodate the needs of every customer. However, AI is more than capable of handling this challenge. AI’s implementation into features such as chatbots, helps brands deliver seamless customer service and support to any number of customers at any given time. A chatbot powered by AI’s capabilities can mimic human behavior and interact with customers over instant messaging app, in order to serve their needs, as well as meet their expectations.

Improving personalization

One of the toughest challenges for marketers is to capture the attention of their leads and encourage them to convert fast enough. Today’s market is very competitive and marketers struggle to reach their audience with personalized promotions before their competitors do. This particular problem is difficult to overcome, as each consumer has their own individual preferences. You might generalize audience down to customer personas and their most common interests, but that can never be as effective as individual personalization.

However, AI can greatly help out with this problem. AI’s machine learning can be used to anticipate and solve problems your customers may be having. In addition, it can determine which type of messaging and content works best for a particular group of customers and even for a single individual customer as well. Automating marketing efforts through AI can vastly improve brands reach and ensure customer attention and engagement.

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Understanding the market trends

It’s no secret that consumer behavior changes based on the current market trends they’re following, as well as based on the latest technology being used. A good example of this behavioral shift is consumers switching from desktop to mobile devices. Marketers leverage big data available online to predict trends and customer behavior, in order to ensure their brand remains relevant on the market and even gain a competitive advantage. Still, big data is a vast quantity of information that cannot be easily interpreted by marketers.

This leads to delays in gathering actionable data markers can use to improve the efficiency of their efforts. AI on the other hand, can easily interpret this data and produce actionable results from this information. Not only that, but AI can execute effective marketing campaigns and promotions across various media channels as soon as the need arises. This greatly improves efficiency and relevancy of marketing campaigns that are launched to serve specific consumer needs and expectations.

Determining consumer demand

Consumer needs, expectations and demands have been a key point for marketers. Developing a marketing campaign that will focus on consumer demands can prove to be a challenging problem for marketers. The main reason is that each consumer has their own unique needs and demands. Even though you can identify common interests in your audience, there’s no efficient or cost-effective way to understand each individual’s needs.

AI can be used to predict consumer demands. It works for the sales department as well, as AI can determine the demand for a certain product or service on the market. As for marketing, AI can provide information on prospects and leads to help marketers develop the right marketing mix that will undoubtedly lead to a sale. AI can even help you determine up-sell and cross-sell strategies that work best for each lead. This can not only improve the efficiency of promotions and offers, but it can also improve sales, as well as sale forecasting.

AI technology has already started to revolutionize various industries. Marketing is no exception, as brands can utilize AI to boost their marketing efficiency, consumer engagement and their online relevancy. Brands are constantly competing for their audience’s trust, which becomes increasingly difficult as more brands are being developed each day and consumer base continues to grow. Leveraging technology, such as AI, can help brand elevate themselves even higher on the market and ensure their customers’ loyalty and engagement.

Posted by Raul Harman

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