Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, and VLATACOM made advances in ICT that have undoubtedly brought many benefits to humankind, especially in the field of communication, information exchange, and networking.  

The biggest threat to online data is the one concerning information safety. In order to prevent data loss, mistreat, and malversations, both professionals and individuals alike are looking for a multi-layered security solution that will ensure greater safety of information.

And that is exactly what Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, and VLATACOM have to offer.  

What is ICT security?

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) refers to all technologies, devices, applications, and services that are used for digital networking and communication. Essentially, everything you use for storing, organizing, retrieving, accessing, and exchanging information can be classified as ICT. Besides individuals, ICT is most beneficial for various professional organizations, small and medium enterprises, companies, governments, and public sector organizations. 

Since data safety is crucial for businesses and individuals alike, a wide range of security measures, systems, and solutions emerged and the term ICT security is used to embody all of them. Basically, ICT security measures and solutions enable safe storage, exchange, and disposal of information, as well as controlled and closely monitored access to critical data.  

Due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of information, an inadequate ICT security approach can have detrimental effects on individuals, employees, companies, organizations, procedures, and activities needed for keeping your business operations smooth and efficient. 

What are VLATACOM’s ICT security solutions?

VLATACOM Institute, founded by Vladimir Cizelj, is a well-known Serbian institute that focuses on research, innovation, and development of top-notch ICT security solutions. In order to prevent data misuse and loss of confidential information, as well as enable safe and secure communication and data exchange, VLATACOM Institute made it its mission to offer high-quality products and services designed to meet and surpass customer expectations.  

With more than 150 skilled employees, including some of the most prominent scientists, recognized industry experts, eminent university professors, and aspiring PhD students, VLATACOM products are engineered to respond to the ever-changing security threats. Due to extensive research, testing, and quality control each product undergoes, Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM’s security solutions are considered to be among the most reliable ones in the ICT industry.  

One of the widely known security solutions developed by Motorola and integrated by VLATACOM is called TETRA. TETRA, or Terrestrial Trunked Radio, is a special platform designed to provide a safe and secure communication channel to government and public sector organizations. Another popular solution is vREBECCA (VLATACOM Reliable Communication Channel), a state-of-the-art encryption device used for high-capacity digital transport systems. vPCP-V, or VLATACOM Personal Crypto Platform for Voice Encryption, ensures the confidentiality and security of voice communication systems, whereas vPCP-FC is a personal crypto platform that enables file encryption and cloud collaboration.    

Who is Vladimir Cizelj, the man behind VLATACOM? 

Vladimir Cizelj was born in Ptuj, Slovenia in 1951. As he was growing up, Cizelj got interested in science and technology and decided to apply to the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Belgrade.  After graduating from the Department for Electronics, Telecommunication and Control Engineering, he applied to the Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, the United States of America, where he received his Master’s degree in Business and Administration. 

After completing his education, Vladimir Cizelj started his career at the “Vinča” Institute of Nuclear Sciences, as the head of the department for development of special devices and systems. During that time, Cizelj was part of many major scientific projects and received professional recognition for his academic and scientific contributions. 

Led by his passion for science and entrepreneurial spirit, Cizelj decided to start his own company. Vlatacom Ltd was established in 1997 and has gone a long way since then. As the first Serbian privately owned research and development institute in the field of ICT, VLATACOM is well known not only for its innovative product line but for its educational and scientific work as well.   

To sum up

The need for safe and secure ICT infrastructure is on the rise. Protecting sensitive information and enabling the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of digital data is essential for normal business operations.   

In order to satisfy ever-growing market demands, the best ICT security solutions consist of various innovative systems designed to provide multi-layered protection. And the one developed and patented by Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM Institute offers exactly that.

Posted by Raul Harman