The joy that a gamer feels when he/she buy a new piece of equipment is hardly comparable with anything else in the world. Different people have different hobbies that make them happy, but gaming functions on so many levels, from theoretical knowledge, indulging in 24/7 playing and, finally, updating the gaming items. Thanks to new pieces of equipment, every gamer can immerse even more in the virtual. So, let’s see what pieces they are looking forward to.

Refresh the Base
As we all know, the base of every back-friendly gaming is the right gaming chair. You should always choose the ones with the highest ergonomic performances. A quality gaming chair not only saves your back, but also enables you to make your gaming sessions longer. In 2015, every avid gamer should check the DXRacer chairs. They adapt to the shape of your body and also come in different colors.

Head-On Gaming
The idea of bringing virtual reality as close to your eyes as possible and immersing completely in video games has been with us for more than twenty years. Also, over the last few years there have been several head-mounted displays. Today, however, millions of gamers are expecting for the latest innovations in the field of head-on gaming. Occulus Rift has been with us for a while, but there are some new solutions round the corner, like HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLens, which are supposed to take VR headsets to a new level.

Your Own Adaptable Robot
Gaming doesn’t necessarily have to refer solely to the world of video games. In accordance with that, we would like present you the Meccanoid, produced by Spin Master. The Meccanoid is a platform which turns into a custom-based robot. Children between the ages of 5 and 14 are the target audience for this sweet creature. Its intelligence is generated by a computer engine and the robot recognizes voices, which in turn makes it able to utter phrases and words. All in all, sounds like a terrific present for your kids.

Futuristic gaming

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Hand-Held Transformer
People can be divided to those who prefer playing games on the keyboard and those more into hand-held controllers. It seems that L.Y.N.X. 9 is a compromise solution that targets both groups. Manufactured by Mad Catz for Android devices, this transformer from your pocket offers an incredible versatility of options. You can fix a smartphone to this gadget or separate it, to attach a tablet. Also, you can attach a keyboard between the handles, in case you need it for some gaming or other purposes. Finally, the set is completed with adapters that enable you to connect your Android device with a TV set and enjoy the gaming experience.

Pocket Holograms
The SuperD Company brings one of the most exciting gaming products to the market – the 3D display. They have been working on glass-free technologies for a long time now. Their goal is enabling users to watch 3D movies or play games without wearing glasses.
The same concept is exercised in this 3D hologram-generating example. The great thing the guys from SuperD have done here is turning the floating 2D picture (created with a camera and a transparent panel) into a genuine 3D picture that functions like a real hologram. With this stand-alone display you can enjoy the beauty of 3D concept to the full. Here you can read more about the concept and the company.

The world of gaming is being enriched with new equipment as we speak. The predominant trend is eliminating boundaries between the real world and virtual reality. As we can see, it is happening pretty fast and the gamers of the present have many thrilling things before them in the years to come.

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