Website builder has announced its full launch, following a successful beta test of its do-it-yourself website building platform.

The platform, which is headquartered in Los Angeles but has offices in New Jersey and Armenia, aims to help would-be website builders by providing them with the tools they need to craft their website as easily and quickly as possible.

Gev Balyan,’s founder and CEO said, “At, we give companies and individuals a stable and beautifully designed website builder – and other great tools – for free, or at a very low rates.

“We make web design easier than it has ever been before – even your grandpa could make a website with our platform.”

According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses, a good website will set a business back $2,500 or more, which can be incredibly costly for organizations at the small end of the spectrum.

For web design pioneers, this is a poor state of affairs and one that they seek to challenge. Company websites can and should be the great commercial levellers between big, medium and small businesses. Affording retail or rental space on the same highstreet as a leading brand may be almost impossible for a small business, but that doesn’t mean they have to wallow on the web.

New age website builders like – including others such as The Startup Guys, or UK based Redesignly – make building and designing/redesigning websites considerably more affordable than traditional agencies, simultaneously placing creative control in the hands of individuals and business owners.

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Founder and CEO Baylan has extensive experience as the CEO of tech businesses. Before founding he was the CEO of Bang2Joom, an Armenian based business developer. He said he would like to focus on boosting the overall user experience of website building. This, he explained, would be aided with unique features such as a fully responsive drag-and-drop tool that allows users place blocks of content wherever they want.

The platform offers a number of different packages with varying degrees of customization available. However, all of them come with free trials and any user can take advantage of’s free logo maker and landing page creator tools.

Additionally, users can create up to 14 different one page websites with different, unbranded subdomains at for free.

The platform currently has two permission levels and is planning to add more in the future. Editor permissions mean users can edit text and images while designers can also edit the fonts, colors, modules and more of their websites. Unsurprisingly, this costs more and both packages costing $8 and $49 a month respectively.

“At, we cut out the need to go to an external agency to create a beautifully crafted website,” Balyan continued. “Everything is available and it doesn’t need to be a cookie cutter website. Each site you create can be unique in style and layout.”

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Nate M. Vickery is an entrepreneur and marketing consultant from Sydney, Australia. Lately he is mostly engaged in investing and developing his web designing hobby. Aside from work he enjoys spending time in the great Australian outback and watching football games.

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