Whether your girlfriend is out of town and it’s fallen upon you to prevent starvation to death or you simply want to push your skills a little bit further and work out those culinary muscles, good recipe is always helpful. So, let’s see how your smartphone can help you to find one and what are top 10 cooking apps on Play Store.

10. Pinterest

Price: Free

Although it can’t be qualified strictly as a cooking tool, you can certainly find many useful things, recipes included on Pinterest and after short cruise through this app you can pin all the recipes you’ve found on your board, so you can use them later. Not too many features for home chefs but good enough for beginners.

9. Tumblr

Price: Free

Similar to Pinterest, Tumbler is an app where you can find myriad of interesting things, with recipes as small fraction of overall content. Although it is not that well-organized as previous app, Tumbler gives you opportunity to follow people who are posting their own recipes.

Image source: thecookapp.com

8. What’s for Dinner? Recipes

Price: Free

Keeping it simple enough for beginners, this app features expected array of options like meal planning and grocery lists while ability to search popular recipe websites is always welcomed. It looks very ugly though and the last time it was updated was November 12, 2012 so it’s not quite the hottest thing out there.

7. Cookbook: Free recipes

Price: Free

Name of this app is pretty self-explanatory so we will only add that it supports Android Wear, features like calculated prep time and shopping lists and although it’s not too much involved it still makes solid free entry on this list.

Image source: www.fastcocreate.com

6. Epicurious

Price: Free

Featuring more than 30.000 recipes which are sorted in very convenient categories, Epicurious will make sure that you are never lost and hungry. In addition to recipe search we would mention digitalized recipe box that can be synced across devices and platforms.

5. Eating Well Healthy in a Hurry

Price: Free, in-app purchases

This is very good source of healthy recipes with main focus on those which can be prepared within 40 minutes or less. Without in-app purchases, you will have access to 200 meals and snacks sorted into categories and great search-by-ingredient feature that will make your life much easier.

4. Food Network in the Kitchen

Price: Free

Being the official Food Network cooking app, Food Network in the Kitchen will give you an access to thousands of well-organized and regularly updated recipes from celebrity chefs, with instructional videos added to feature list with recent updates.

3. ChefTap Recipe App

Price: Free

Allowing you to hunt down recipes across several platforms and import ones you’ve found on the Web into your own personal catalog, ChefTap will also give you an option to use it offline, variety of customization options, recipe editing options and unlimited storing space in premium version.

2. BigOven

Price: Free, in-app purchases

By providing access to more than 350.000 recipes that cover everything from breakfasts to dinners and giving you option to plan meals in advance, track your shopping lists and save favorites, BigOven is very strong contender on this list. While free version gives you all the basic features, going premium will remove ads and throw few more options into the mix.

1. Paprika Recipe Manager

Price: $4.99

An excellent way to organize your digital cookbook with in-built browser that allows you to easily search recipes online, store them into your collection and edit them in-app. App detects cooking times, automatically generates grocery lists and even gives you an option to scale ingredients according to desired serving size.

These 10 Android apps will help beginners to stretch their cooking legs and more experienced users to test their culinary limits. Don’t take the way we put them into order for granted, find the option that suits you the most and finally, have a nice meal!

Posted by Howard Bell

Howard has been writing about technology for quite some time now, especially if you count his diary entries where he laments the pressing programming issues hiding behind the painfully obvious lack of the long blocks in Tetris (also known as the ‘stupid game is cheating’ bug). He has since refined his approach, trying to take a slightly more impartial and a bit more informative voice, but still finds inspiration in the ways that different devices can annoy him to wit’s end.