On every occasion, whether trade shows, seminars, conferences, team building, parties, festivals, or product launches, among others, security is important. Although there are many strategies to make your gala a success, the most basic tool for controlling access is the event badge.

Apart from the common aspect of knowing that an event badge is usually attached to an attendee to capture information, it has a hidden bit. In this article, we will tell you everything you should know about it. Before diving deep, let’s start and explore why you need an event badge.

What Is The Function of Event Badge?

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When planning a big event, getting a custom event badge should be on the agenda. A personalized event badge is essential for easy acquaintance. Since it would probably have the attendee’s name, job title, company, and affiliation, it saves time for introductions. 

Indeed, a brief description of yourself is vital when meeting new faces for the first time. However, do you know how challenging it is to get a formal greeting when more than two people are brainstorming? 

As the ultimate solution, event badges can have QR codes, which augment how information is exchanged between individuals. This technology is helpful for exhibitors who want to analyze participant behavior and understand their interactions.

Importance of Event Badge

1. Excellent Brand Visibility

The custom event badges will bear attendee information but give clear details about the respective companies. Incorporating the logo and motto amplifies the company’s visibility. That is why you must give your company’s event badges an excellent design to ensure their first impression is perfect and can leave a long-lasting impression.

2. Simplify Identification

Event badges can be crafted with different designs and colors for the attendees, staff, and security for quick discernment. The security officers, for instance, can use a reflective badge. In that case, it will be easy for the visitors and even staff to identify them in case of a problem. This helps avoid the hassle of walking around trying to find someone you’re sure to offer help to.

3. Cost Efficiency

While a survey shows that more than 50% of people tend to sneak into events without tickets, don’t you have to be worried? Well, amid such shocking statistics, badges are pretty helpful in confirming the attendees.

When people at the event are only the invited ones, you will save a lot of resources. You won’t print the event badges too much, and the expenses needed to cater for food and accommodation will be adequately controlled. Moreover, since event badges allow for on-demand printing, you can incur no logistical expenses for the event venue.

4. Avoid Awkward Circumstances

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Do you know how bad it feels to forget someone’s name or mix them up? The experience is embarrassing and comes along with a long list of regrets. Fortunately, you can avoid such weird situations by ensuring participants have badges for quick reference. That applies to everyone, even if you have a superb memory. You don’t know when misfortunes will start striking.

Another way that event badges help avoid uncomfortable moments is by letting you know an individual’s preferred pronoun without asking. This is a tiny part of your event, but it will determine whether it’s incredible.

5. Easy Data Collection

You may or may not be conducting an event for research purposes. Either way, you will need the details about the participant to draft a report and determine whether the objectives of the occasion were met. Again, this information plays a crucial role in planning future activities.

You will struggle too much to ask all attendees to manually write their names and other information in particular documents. Undoubtedly, the more straightforward hack is using badges. Event badges with NFC, QR codes, or RFID technology can gather attendee engagement levels, demographics, and session attendance.

How To Create Exceptional Event Badges

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Impactful event badges should pay attention to detail. Additionally, they should captivate the attendees so that they can add value. Achieving all these is not a walk in the park. You must collaborate with the project management and sales teams to learn about the event goals and preferences of the attendees.

Enlisting for professional help, especially when needing a custom-tailored event badge, is worth it. Professionalism when designing badges ensures a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. 

It’s still important to prioritize the legibility and clarity of your event badge. Select color schemes and font styles that will effectively communicate the key information. 

Still, the size and material of your badge matter. Choose a card that won’t pose complexity while reading. Also, the materials used on the badge must be durable enough to withstand rigorous activity.


An event badge is the surest way to improve security and control the accessibility of your functions. Additionally, it’s essential for better brand visibility and easy identification of attendees. When looking for the ideal event badge, consider a customized option that communicates the event goals and satisfies the attendees’ preferences. 

To avoid awkward situations, the badge should have all the essential details about the participants. Ultimately, since you might want to plan for next time, use event badges with QR codes or other device sensors to collect data or access the attendee’s information via your phone.

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