The migration of modern business into the digital world is inevitable. An entire office can be replaced with a carefully selected set of applications. These virtual tools can help you manage your business with more efficiency, while saving both time and effort in the process. It is hard to imagine a business which a proper software infrastructure cannot significantly improve. With this in mind, here is a short list of apps and software that a 21st century entrepreneur must have in his, or her virtual toolbox.

Now Let’s Take a Peak!

A Virtual Assistant

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The first thing that separates the best problem solvers from the rest is their ability to properly organize a work schedule. This often represents a challenge, especially when it comes to managing group projects. In these cases, you should seek aid in the digital domain. Your safest bet would be either to use Asana, or Basecamp. Both are project management tools that will increase the productivity of your team.

These virtual assistants will raise your organizational abilities to the next level. The elaborate system of lists and tasks enables you to ensure that everyone respects their deadline. Although of an invaluable aid in business, both of these digital tools can be successfully applied to your personal schedule as well.

It is Cloudy in There

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The era of physical data storage is finally behind us. The rise of Cloud technology is the next big thing in terms of storage solutions. With CD/DVD, flash drive or even hard disc drives (HDD) you had yet one more thing to add to your luggage while traveling. Now they are superfluous.

All you need is a terminal with internet access and you are good to go. The only thing that is left is to choose the right provider. My advice is to follow reputation. According to 4shared reviews, they are quite likely to match your every need. There are many other cloud storage solutions
available as well, so take time to make comparisons. It is about choosing what best suits your needs.

A Virtual Mailbox

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Having a proper email client is of great importance to your business. A true 21st century businessman must be available at all times. There is no better way to make this happen than by using a reliable email client service. Your options are numerous; however, three brands stand out. These are Yahoo, Outlook, and of course Gmail. When it comes to spam protection, user friendliness, and general security, these three share the throne. Another thing that sets them apart from the rest is the fact that they have reliable applications that are constantly being updated.

A Communicator

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Imagine going on a business trip. You have projects that require personal attention, even while you are away. You will have to maintain live communication with the team back home at all times.
When it comes to instant communication, Skype is second to none. It allow you to make international calls free of charge (provided that you have internet access)! it is also perfectly designed for conference calls. Yes, sometimes it can be buggy, but what you get for free is uncomparable to any other app. By using Skype, your staff does not even have to feel your absence.

Paperless and Coinless

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A few years back, no one believed that we will witness the fall of the credit card system. Atleast not in our lifetime. However, latest online (and even mobile) payment methods proved everyone wrong.

Today, making a payment is easier than it ever was. When it comes to entrusting your money someone however, you should be extra careful. With this in mind, you need to find the right payment solution. Two most obvious choices are PayPal or PayAnywhere; however, there are many other alternative payment methods that you may find more to your liking.

In the words of the immortal Bob Dylan: “Times they are a changin…’”. Every single entrepreneur has a choice to either keep up with these changes or be trampled by time. After all, it is this ability to adapt to the newly arisen situation and the evolutionary potential that separates the best ones from the rest.

By embracing these virtual apprentices, you will already be well on your way towards a brighter and a more automated future.

Posted by Oscar Waterworth

I am a writer and a tech enthusiast from Sydney. I am interested in cutting edge technology, business, and marketing. I hope to give proper insight into these worlds.