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Data Security and Student Records in Online Learning

The world of online learning has exploded recently as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic – a global event none of us could have predicted.  This sudden shift has spotlighted something we can’t afford to ignore: keeping student information safe...

/ January 4, 2024

Archer vs UWorld NCLEX: A Comprehensive Comparison

In the US, being a certified nurse is demanding but rewarding. Passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), a standardized test that assesses nursing applicants’ readiness for safe and effective practice, is vital. To succeed in this crucial exam, many...

/ October 16, 2023
Office Etiquette and Creating a Continuous Learning Environment

Office Etiquette and Creating a Continuous Learning Environment

Every manager and entrepreneur is aware that their company can only develop and thrive if those working for it grow both professionally and privately. In order to make it happen, those in charge need to create a positive atmosphere and...

/ May 27, 2022
medical education

5 Ways to Use Tech and Digital in Medical Education

The role of healthcare institutions (both for- and non-profit ones, such as PCNOK), as well as individual physicians, is quickly changing to accommodate modern patients. On one hand, we try to limit the use of tech for our children so...

/ November 26, 2020

Reaching Your Students – A Technological Approach

The new millennium brought on a great technological revolution. Children, starting from a very young age, are exposed to the digital world, and are used to multitasking, flashy colors and words. So when they start school, a simple blackboard and...

/ October 16, 2015
IBM Watson

Supercomputing: IBM Watson

Technological progress is accelerating at a rapid pace. What we could only see in science fiction movies is now becoming a reality. An example one such piece of modern technology is the cognitive system Watson, developed by IBM. The supercomputer...

/ December 18, 2014