The daily lifestyle demands of the user base is expanding as the technology is progressing over time. For entrepreneurs, this is a huge opportunity to cater to all these demands from a single platform. Earlier, each application offered a single value that was their niche to the users. Then along comes the concept of multi-service that disrupts the notion of opening different applications to order, book or pay from different places.

Many businesses are taking this step as the one that will mold their business model to become a step ahead of the game.

By reaching out to a huge customer base, the planning and execution stays upfront backed by the services that are functioning from end-to-end.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Key Elements of a Multi-Service App
  • Workflow and Revenue Model
  • A Much Needed Multi-Service Clone
  • Conclusion

Multi-service apps or popularly known as super apps were started in China then slowly took over Southeast Asia and now targets the customers from many parts of the globe.

This concept came into effect by solving the problems related to storage issues in smartphones.

Having low storage space not only limits the functions of the smartphone but also takes part in the overall effect of the motherboard as well.

The mobile gets heated instantly when multiple apps are opened simultaneously which affects the life of the mobile in the longer term.

Similar services are coupled into one app, the demand soared and the future was set.

Key Elements of a Multi-Service App

Businesses that hold the vision to become the next multi-service provider have to ensure that all the characteristics of users and their problems could be solved efficiently with a simple designed app. 

This would require them to build an infrastructure around the following elements that would later hold their brand integrity and resilience against their top competitors. 

Unbiased range

First thing first, the business perspective of labeling an app that pretty much provides everything from the get-go will take the acclaim of the multiple dependencies. In order to maintain the availability rather than having in-app development issues, it is fairly important to eliminate the boundaries of the digital and physical application. 

In other words, every single service should be approached in the same way as the competitor is providing in its single service app.

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Responsible Collaterals

Being the business that has every single service catering to the daily lifestyle of its users, you become the sole responsible business owner that not only successfully manages the money making part but also the user-centric part as well. 

Their lives will be affected with the use of your application as it is up to the business to create values over boundaries that satisfies the customers to get what they want.

Collaborations Guaranteed

Putting your clients first will ensure the longevity of your business goals. Without them, one side of the business will disrupt the chain and the business cycle will end up with your profits not being matched to the level you want. 

It starts with good deals and partnerships that are guaranteed with the platform of yours. The only platform that is multi-service oriented and allows merchants and drivers to turn to with trust.

Workflow and Revenue Model

Just like a simple one service application, a multi-service works exactly like it. In this model, your business can earn the possible new waves of revenue streams by linking the on-demand service providers with the desired customers through an online platform. 

The design of the multi-service app allows the user to select from a wide range of services all personalized and just as good as any with many exciting offers relevant to their needs.

In this case, the multi-service app acts for the marketplace in the following manner to operate as smoothly as possible:

  • A customer/user panel,
  • A service provider/merchant panel, and
  • An Admin panel

Here’s how the workflow happens that revolves these three panels to successfully complete an order cycle:

  • Admin is the person responsible for managing the marketplace. In the admin panel’s dashboard, the service provider list can be seen for different services.
  • These service providers use their end of the panel to add all the details of their business along with the price.
  • The customer can join the same platform using the user panel or the user app to take access to the main service of the platform. Here, they can scroll through all the vast range of services that are readily available for their on-demand orders.
  • The user can also pay in the same app and track their delivery from the home screen of their panel.
  • All of this is automatically categorized with sub-categories and the service provides names along with other details in the admin panel dashboard.

When a service/order gets successfully completed, the cost of the on-demand service will reach the multi-service platform with the commission fee that is charged to the merchant/service provider for connecting to the customer. Other revenue stream include:

  • In-app Advertisements
  • Listing Fee
  • Promotion Fee
  • Exclusive Membership Fee
  • Advanced Reservation Fee

For entrepreneurs looking for a ready-made clone, it is critically important to have all these three panels shown in the package that can be bought later.

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A Much Needed Multi-Service Clone

From bringing the local convenience store to your doorsteps, to hailing a ride on the go. People are slowly turning to platforms that provide services like this, from one place. 

If you as an entrepreneur have decided to start a multi-service venture online based on the on-demand business model, chances are there are others with the same vision as well. In this case, you need a tremendous lift in a market that is casually launching millions of highly customized app every day in the Google and Apple Play Stores. 

The answer is buying a ready-built app with the exceptional quality build features and same potential to make billions. Start with a search and see the demo you want before buying the actual stuff. Step into the market before your competition does and ride the wave of super apps.


In the app development industry, multi-apps are bringing out the revolution to a much broader scale. The entire awareness of having this platform to become a lifestyle changer comes from strategic planning and critical thinking at first. 

Having a ready-made multi-service app can do wonders for businesses that are looking to grab the market before others with a much better multi-app does. With instant launch, and smart advertising you can ride the wave of this revolution in your city/country with dedicated revenue streams.

Posted by Raul Harman