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The next Big Thing in Consumer Apps? Connectivity That Just Won’t Shut Off

The next big thing in mobile technology as we head in 2016 is apps that make us even more connected to each other. Wait, how is that even possible? Long before the Internet became PC popular and then Smartphone popular,...

/ February 19, 2016

What to Expect from Mobile World Congress 2016

The end of February in Barcelona means a ton of new phone technologies pouring into the city. Mobile World Congress, or MWC, is doubtlessly the largest mobile trade show in the world. It is organized by GSMA, who’ve been in...

/ February 5, 2016
entrepreneur toolbox

Take a Peek Inside an Entrepreneur’s Virtual Toolbox

The migration of modern business into the digital world is inevitable. An entire office can be replaced with a carefully selected set of applications. These virtual tools can help you manage your business with more efficiency, while saving both time...

/ January 29, 2016

Best Dual SIM Flagship Phones

Mobile market is bustling with activity and new products hit the shelf every day. Dual SIM phones enable great functionality and flexibility for users, in form of mixing work and pleasure. No need to carry separate phones around and have...

/ January 8, 2016
Travel Apps

9 Apps That Will Change the Way You Travel

Traveling requires a lot of work, planning and effort – so, in order to help yourself, install some of those nifty little apps ready to be used on your smartphone. They can assist you in organizing, packing and paying while...

/ December 8, 2015

Samsung’s #stylusgate: the Details

The innovative stylus detection feature means a great deal for Samsung. While quickly taking notes when the phone’s screen is turned off and the automatic access to the S Pen’s radial menu admittedly are amazing perks to have, there is...

/ September 1, 2015

Top 5 Android Apps for Conscious Parents

Parenting has never been an easy task, but in this day and age? It’s becoming increasingly difficult every second. Putting the challenges of proper upbringing aside, today’s parents also have responsibility to protect their children from threats both in real...

/ August 14, 2015

Top 10 Cooking Apps for Android

Whether your girlfriend is out of town and it’s fallen upon you to prevent starvation to death or you simply want to push your skills a little bit further and work out those culinary muscles, good recipe is always helpful....

/ July 24, 2015
iOS 9

What We Know from the iOS 9 Developer Preview

On June 8th, at the Worldwide Developers conference, Apple announced a new operating system for its iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), naming it iOS 9. It will contain the combination of the iOS 7 and 8, with a brand new design...

/ July 3, 2015

Top 5 educational apps for android

For those who understand the value of learning and know how much productive studying is important, modern technologies offer many new and convenient ways when it comes to obtaining knowledge on a friendly and an interesting way. In fact, studies...

/ May 19, 2015