Ever since the beginning of online shopping back in 1994 companies were facing Window shoppers problem when people visit the store and leave without purchasing and in most cases abandoning shopping carts. The New York Times were already highlighting Window shoppers problem and the need to convert them into buyers back in 1999. So 17 years passed and what have changed? Well, not much, in fact still around 95 % of online store visitors don’t convert and that causes a low number of active leads.

A great number of online stores are using PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy to generate more traffic to their online stores, but is it really paying off? Various plug-ins are created to extend the functionality and effectiveness of the websites and Followprice is one of them.


Followprice is a solution for online stores that helps in solving Window shoppers problem and converts a part of those 95% of inactive shoppers into followers. It benefits in customer retention by getting them engaged into following items on a certain online store as well as improving store’s user experience.

The idea behind Followprice is really simple. Visitors come to an online store and start following their favourite products in order to be notified when price or product availability changes. Notifications can be recieved trough email or Facebook notifications, simply clicking on them to be redirected back to the store.

With the help of Followprice, customers will never miss a great deal again, and save time without having to visit the store over and over again to see if something has changed. But Followprice is much more than just a simple price alert! Extra features like ‘Targeted Campaigns’ and ‘Email Lead Capture’ converts it into a multipurpose and valuable tool.

Email marketing is still the top one channel in e-commerce business that delivers the most value to the store regarding active sales, but gathering subscribers is not an easy job. In order to boost email marketing campaigns and grow the number of subscribers Followprice offers a feature that collects followers’ emails and helps increasing subscribers database.


Another great feature is ‘Targeted Campaigns’ – which have had very positive results – that allows to send special discount offers to a group of customers that are following a certain product or a category of products without changing a price in the online store. Most of the times customers just need a small push to take an action and purchase the product. The fact that they are following the item already shows the interest and sending them a coupon with the discount will surely lead to purchasing.

Followprice was lounched two years ago in 2013 in Portugal, with the goal to improve shopping experience for every online shopper and become an excellent tool for online stores, allowing consumers everywhere to always be aware of their favorite products prices, delivering high returns to the growing industry of online retail . Now over 400 stores world wide are trusting Followprice and successfully converting visitors into followers boosting revenues and creating a better customer experience. To start converting visitors into followers try Followprice solution for free.

Posted by Howard Bell

Howard has been writing about technology for quite some time now, especially if you count his diary entries where he laments the pressing programming issues hiding behind the painfully obvious lack of the long blocks in Tetris (also known as the ‘stupid game is cheating’ bug). He has since refined his approach, trying to take a slightly more impartial and a bit more informative voice, but still finds inspiration in the ways that different devices can annoy him to wit’s end.