It is no doubt that the most seamless way to reach new prospects is via email. While they might not always be listening to what you say, you always stand a chance to be seen. Unlike other social platforms that heavily rely on algorithms for reach, emails make you way more powerful – you stay in control of your connections. 

And that is why email marketing holds the best kind of possibilities for your business. It lets your business prospects take appropriate action based on their requirements and if they need your services. They can choose to engage with your business and in that way, your business gets to make more sales.  

Did you know that 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers? And if you are just starting out, the procedure might be overwhelming. But there is nothing to be concerned about when it comes to launching a successful email campaign. It all starts with a targeted email list and using the technology and tools at hand to work in accordance with your marketing goals. So, let’s talk more about how your business can set up a successful marketing campaign. 

Know before you preach

Creating your own email marketing campaigns from scratch is no herculean task – as long you understand the purpose. The workflow of this email campaign should be as clear as the day. The central question to be kept in mind is – “ What do I want my customers to do with this email?  Do I need them to visit our website?  Is it necessary for them to read a blog post?  Do ask them to check out reviews on my website? Do I want them to fill in a form? Or do I need them to schedule a call or initiate a chat with my team? 

To put it simply, your email campaigns can cater to many purposes – building awareness for your business, building traffic for your website, nurturing new leads, collecting user information/feedback, or sales. Email marketing campaigns can be used for building personalized relationships with interested prospects, promoting the marketing content, marketing your new launches, and keeping interested leads warm. 

The ‘deserving’ campaign recipients

Email blasts are a necessity when marketing to large audiences, but that doesn’t mean that you can cover everyone under the umbrella and call them your target audience. While they can be broadly categorized for ease of use in several campaigns, we recommend segmenting them based on parameters such as gender, demographics, level of interest, age, income levels, etc. Defining the email audience is of prime importance because that helps create conversion-oriented workflows in the campaign. 

The design of your emails

The emails that will be sent out as a part of your campaign need to be top-notch. Right from the color scheme of your entire emailing template to the copy, you must make sure to nail them all. And when it comes to creating visuals for your email campaigns, the right tools empower you to do more with the least amount of effort. Tools like PosterMyWall are not only cost-effective to use but also offer great results and do not require design expertise to work with. The PosterMyWall flyer maker is a sure-shot way to create stunning visual content for your mail copy. 

Let’s talk about email templates now. If you are someone who is a newbie at email campaigns, free email campaign templates are the way to go because they offer ease to work without the need to hire a graphic designer. Again, email templates by PosterMyWall let you craft high-quality, visually appealing emails without too much effort.    

It is also crucial to base the design of your emails on the type of campaign you are running. For example, a welcome email campaign has to be short and crisp at the design front along with colors that speak for your business. In a similar manner, newsletter campaigns will heavily rely on your brand’s unique design pattern to bring them to fruition. 


Across all industries, the average email open rate is 19.8%, the click-through rate is 11.3%, and the bounce rate is 9.4%. You might be working with just the perfect kind of email design, a well-curated audience list, and an even better knowledge base. But if your emails are not being sent out at the right time, all efforts will go wasted. 

As suggested by several email marketing experts, it is highly recommended to send out email campaigns on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. When it comes to zero down to a time slot, that highly depends on the preferences of your target audience. So, a little time spent researching the same will benefit you in the long run. 

Here are a few additional tips to help you ace your next email campaign:

  • A great subject line can make or break the game. Make sure you personalize it and let your audience know what to expect. Don’t keep them guessing. 
  • Human nature is such that it gets drawn to rewards and appreciation. It is very important to let your audience know that you appreciate them and hence, you would not shy away from offering them a 10% discount on their next purchase. 
  • While you might be offering them much valuable information through email, make sure that you do not lose the humane part of the communication. Keep it personal and warm
  • Don’t beat around the bush, be crisp and clear with what you have to say. Always remember that your audience receives about a dozen marketing emails every day. Respect their time. 

Successful email marketing campaigns are not rare instances and we have seen brands such as HubSpot absolutely nail it. While they may overwhelm you at the start, once you get the hang of it, they will greatly help you promote your new launches, connect with your audience, garner more sales, build valuable customer relationships, and a lot more.

Posted by Raul Harman