When business owners hear statistics like virtual assistants can reduce their operating costs by up to 78%, they get very interested in hiring one of these modern assistants. If you are stuck in quarantine looking for a new career opportunity, becoming a virtual assistant is a good idea. This career allows you to get involved in everything from helping a business owner manage their meetings to assisting with the launch of new products or services.

While there are a number of virtual assistants out there, room for competition still exists in this exciting industry. Are you thinking about becoming a virtual assistant? If so, check out the helpful information below.

What Services Will You Offer Clients?

Before you start advertising virtual assistant services, you need to figure out what your niche will be. Trying to offer any and every service under the sun to your clients can result in lots of problems. The more services you offer as a virtual assistant, the higher the risk becomes of you getting spread too thin. This is why you need to hone in on a short list of services to offer clients.

The services you offer as a virtual assistant should coincide with the strengths you have. For instance, if you have experience in the online marketing world, offering website content management or social media marketing services is a good idea. If you have a knack for using online project management software, using this talent to attract new clients is a good idea. By having a defined list of services to offer new clients, you can trade on what you know.

Creating an Online Presence is Important

Modern business owners have a variety of virtual assistants they can choose from. When applying for these types of jobs, you need to have an online presence to show to a potential employer. Most business owners will want a virtual assistant that has a website with a detailed breakdown of who they are and what type of work they have performed in the past. Having an online portfolio website is a great way to attract more customers and reinforce your brand.

You also need to focus on building your brand on popular social media websites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Posting content regularly on these platforms is a great way to keep your brand visible. Without a website and a presence on social media, attracting new clients will be nearly impossible. If you don’t have the skills needed to build and maintain a website, hiring professionals to do this work is your best course of action. DIY website builds are usually fraught with problems, which is why you need to avoid taking on this complex job alone.

Setting a Competitive Price Structure

If you want to land jobs right away as a virtual assistant, you have to provide both services a business owner needs and prices they can afford. Charging too much for your virtual assistant services can put your new business venture in jeopardy. Before you start to advertise virtual assistant services, you need to figure out what other professionals are charging.

Taking a look at your competition will not only help you set competitive prices, it will also give you an idea of how to approach marketing to potential clients. The time invested in this type of market research will be worth it considering the mistakes it can help you avoid.

Becoming a Successful Virtual Assistant Takes Time

You need to realize that landing new clients and making money as a virtual assistant will not happen overnight. Being persistent is crucial when trying to achieve success in this industry.

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