The fast and intensive technological development is changing the world we live in and the way we live in it in a lot of different ways. It’s no wonder that this technology is changing the way we do business. These technological innovations are here today to make everything easier and faster. Although we are nostalgic when we think about slower and simpler times, these modern world benefits are something we gladly enjoy. The impact of technology on the fashion industry is a topic that is becoming more and more popular lately. We’re wondering how these innovations have changed the processes that are happening behind the curtains of this sector.

It has never been easier to understand the customer

Technological innovations made communication between brands and customers pretty smooth, and this is something that we’re used to in the era of digitalization. What we’re still processing is the application of the new approach to customers by implementing solutions such as the one offered by Unmade. We’re talking about brands getting closer to customers, and customers who are co-creating clothes they want to wear. By checking out Unmade’s website, you can get to know more about the great benefits of this modern-day solution for fashion brands. Customers are now able to choose elements of the pieces they want to buy, and they are involved in their creation. Designers are now communicating with customers through their designs, and manufacturers are not overproducing to reach a certain norm, but are working on demand.

Fashion brands are getting greener

By embracing the technological innovation mentioned above, brands are becoming greener. How is the on-demand production connected to the environment? Overproduction is in the past, and now brands are not polluting by shipping their products that are not going to be bought and used. The whole process is started when the customer had already bought the product. By transitioning to this business model, fashion brands are not throwing away unused items, which is also affecting the environment. This is how technology helps fashion to step onto the green side, and this topic is more important now than ever.

Living in the virtual world

The fashion industry is enjoying the benefits of the digital era to the fullest, and it’s starting to live beyond the borders of real life. The transition to the virtual world has been very successful for fashion, and we now have digital runway shows and we’re used to digital shops. There are also brands that are producing only digital clothing. It is possible for customers to choose an item and then attach their photo to have the piece of digital clothing “tailored” to their bodies. This is an interesting turn in the fashion industry, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

As technology continues affecting the fashion industry, design students should keep in touch with innovations and learn how to use digital fashion software. It seems like the combination of technology and fashion brings a lot of benefits for all of us, and also a lot of interesting exciting ideas.

Posted by Raul Harman