One of my colleagues was going through a tough patch at her home. Her mother was ill and as a sole guardian and caretaker of her, she was going through a lot. Unfortunately, she had already used all of her paid leaves so she was in a very awkward financial situation as well.  With all this and much more, she was on the urge to make some tough decisions like leaving the job. But suddenly she was being called to the office and granted a month leave with all the facilities and bonuses.  It was a surprising event but a good one and we all were happy for her. She went to her home but this sudden change of plans was alarming enough to let us all employees remind that higher authorities are listening to us. They know everything and much more. After some time it was even officially announced. 

Turned out that one of her very upsetting help call to her immediate boss was reported to the higher authorities. On the base of that call, she was given unexpected leave. We knew that the company use an employee monitoring feature but little did we know that this will bring some positivity in the employee’s life as well. Just like common perception we thought that features like camera bug or spy listening app for android is just for the sake of employee check and monitoring. This was a breath of fresh air and we all welcomed it with open arms.  

Spy Listening App For Employees:

Spy apps like OgyMogy, TheOneSpy, FlexiSpy offers spy listening apps for android users as well as iPhone users. The feature can be used for employee monitoring. Now simple common concept can be to use this feature to check the employee calls and random work-related chats and discussions, to catch any spy, to stop any illegal sharing of data. But the thing is it has many more uses as well. Any organization has the right to keep a check on the employees for the work-related process.  Any business or corporation is bound to use such apps and features only for company-owned devices. Just taking it all only for the sake of employers is a little unfair. It is also beneficial for employees in so many ways.    

  • A listening spy app works simply. All you need to do is install the app in the target employee gadget. 
  • The mic bug or spy listening app for the android feature basically bugs the mic of the target device. Any sound or discussion around the target mic is recorded and notified to the user. 
  • That means any conversation or chat that happens through the company-owned devices can be monitored and stored by the higher authorities. Just like in the above-mentioned case scenario the audio call was saved and reported and ultimately was used to facilitate the employee. 
  • The listening spy app feature to the android allows the user to know about the inside matters of any department or team. 
  • Listen to behind the door meetings and agendas and know what the employees are hiding from you by the use of the spy listening app for android. 
  • One can catch any illegal activity as well through the feature. Track any employees who are sharing confidential information with outsiders or spying on secret information. 
  • Another major use of the spy listening app feature is to assure a healthy toxic-free work environment for all employees. One can track any bad apple or bully who is responsible for disturbing the overall work environment. Know about any such employee and take immediate action for the sake of other employees. 
  • Listen to random problems and issues faced by employees through the mic bug feature. It can be used to know about the employee’s random problems and how they feel reluctant to highlight it in front of higher authorities.   
  • Any illegal activity like data breach through personal meetings or any audio or video call can be tracked with timestamp information with the help of this feature. 

Select your favourite bundle for a month, season i.e six months or a year and make employee monitoring easy to manage the thing. 

Posted by Raul Harman