Cloud technology has become so widespread that very few businesses in existence aren’t utilizing it in one way or another. For most, the cloud serves as the perfect and most secure storage solution where it’s simple enough to scale your business, store data, and work in a unified, online environment. Not to mention the perks for IT departments of larger corporations using the cloud to run numerous cumbersome applications, which the cloud handles seamlessly and effortlessly. 

As for phone systems, many companies remain loyal to their traditional landlines, without any real benefits to show for it. In fact, cloud technology has advanced in this realm as well, empowering companies to move their entire phone systems to the cloud and find reputable providers with customizable packages to adjust to your business. Let’s see what cloud phone systems have to offer for your brand and how you can make the most of this communications system for your business. 

Achieving brand consistency across the board

There are many touchpoints you can generate with customers in the digital realm. From social media chatting to the live chat on your websites, from phone communication to vide calls, all the way to email and beyond – you need to open as many customer touchpoints as possible. Of course, this bring numerous advantages, but it can spell trouble for multi-site and multi-location businesses. Namely, there is the problem of ensuring brand consistency across the board.

While you can have different teams handling different touchpoints, you still need to ensure that all communications are unified and that you’re able to communicate with customers seamlessly. This is why cloud phone systems like VoIP come in handy, as they allow you to combine and utilize different communication methods across the entire organization to ensure brand consistency in every region.

Data collecting and analytics 

To run a thriving multi-site venture, you need to monitor your essential KPIs at all times. However, all that data won’t mean much if you’re not able to collate it into actionable reports that your teams can use to improve their service and elevate your standing in the online realm. Of course, you need to remember that valuable data can come from various different sources.

One source that you might not have thought of is the constant phone communication with customers. Your VoIP platform needs to have a built-in call analytics feature, which is why you need to find a commercial phone service plan that allows you to analyze phone calls, extract valuable data, and generate actionable reports quickly. It’s important to collate all findings to boost the performance of your teams on all sites and find out how each site can better serve its customers.

Simplified remote team collaboration

It should go without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business, and that remote work has become an integral part of the new normal. If you want to ensure the success of your remote teams, then you need to focus heavily on facilitating communication and collaboration in the digital workplace.

To do this while managing multiple websites and various teams scattered around the world, you need to use a cloud phone system that allows you to communicate internally efficiently and effectively. A VoIP system, for example, allows your teams to stay productive through video conferencing and built-in collaboration tools, but also through intuitive scheduling and mobile features that help them stay connected while on the go. This ensures all teams are in sync and able to collaborate in real time.

Cost-efficiency for your business

Nowadays, especially when you’re trying to minimize financial waste after the COVID crisis, it’s important to make smart strategic decisions. One of the key benefits of cloud phone systems is that they are cost-efficient and do not incur the fees of traditional phone communication. 

Because you’re communicating via your internet connection, you’re not paying the high tolls of national and international phone calls, meaning that all of your teams can communicate affordably with a global audience. This means that VoIP is the best way to manage communications across multiple websites and regions where you have a brand presence

Add to that, a cloud phone system brings the numerous aforementioned features to the table, making it far more versatile and cost-effective than traditional phone infrastructures. This leads to significant financial savings over the long term while improving efficiency and productivity across your organization.

Legacy phone systems do have their perks for certain companies, but as soon as you open more than a single location and serve many different communities, your communications become more complex. Cloud phone systems enable those communications to be much more efficient in every sense, both for you and for your customers, and they will allow your employees to do their work without issues in terms of quality and performance. It’s time to consider the cloud as your go-to solution, and prepare your business for growth and smarter communications in the months and years to come.

Posted by Raul Harman