Going on an adventure ride with your motorbike is something that a lot of people dream of, yet, not nearly enough of them decide to actually pull off. Before you do so, you need to ensure that the bike is in proper working order, as well as that your skills are formidable enough to deal with all that you may encounter on the road.

Inspecting the vehicle

As for the preparedness of the vehicle itself, you should look at the chassis, brakes (including pads, fluid and drum), final drive and fluids. Checking and changing the engine oil might not be something that you have to do before every single journey, but you should do so at least every 6000 kilometres. Of course, this also depends on your driving style. In order to ensure that you have control over the vehicle, you might want to inspect your clutch, brake and throttle operation. If anything is off, a slight adjustment might have to be made. Lastly, you may want to take the vehicle to a professional mechanic, in order to ensure that everything is in a proper working order.

When it comes to the issue of additional equipment, there are some gadgets that could make your next trip safe, fun, and stress-free. Here are five of them.

1.      GPS device

The very first thing you need is a reliable navigation system. Instead of having to pull over every time you want to examine a road map, you can find your way while you’re on the motorbike. Also, keep in mind that some devices offer other features, as well, like radio, video and even gaming programs that you can engage in on your stops. However, while multi-media is fine, the GPS function is still your first priority. One more thing worth checking out is whether the device is Bluetooth or Wi-Fi based.

2.      Personal power supply

A personal power supply is a device that’s easy to overlook or underestimate, yet, it’s also something that’s incredibly useful for more than several reasons. First of all, you can use it as a jump-starter, which could end up being life-saving in some scenarios. Second, you can use it as a power supply for the rest of the gadgets from this list, as well as your smartphone, MP3 player and similar devices. Moreover, the majority of personal power supplies come with a flashlight installed, which means that it also becomes an essential part of your toolbox.

3.      Bluetooth communication system

During your ride, you might want to keep an active communication with your squad, which definitely adds to the overall riding-in-pack experience. Having a motorcycle Bluetooth headset is something that can make this both safer and easier. First of all, if your phone is hanging outside of your pocket, this is risky for the valuable device that contains all that vital data. With a Bluetooth intercom, headset or a helmet communication system, you’ll be able to resolve this issue in a simple, effortless and elegant manner.

4.      Action camera

If you decide to embark on a motocross adventure, having a reliable GoPro camera can turn this experience into a recording that you can later edit into a compilation or preserve in its original form. Bear in mind, nonetheless, that the first thing you need to do is make sure that the vehicle is motocross-worthy, by having it updated with all the adequate motocross parts and adjustments. In addition, for the sake of safety, you need to resist the urge to try to pull off too many risky stunts, just because you believe that they’ll look good on camera. Remember, safety always comes first.

5.      Bluetooth speaker

When it comes to the issue of adventure ride, you need to consider the issue of rest stops as much as you do the ride itself. For this reason, getting a quality outdoor speaker might be at the very top of your priority-gadget list. The most important criteria for you to focus on are the sound quality, portability and the waterproof rating. All of these will help you prepare for any kind of circumstances that befall you during this riding downtime.


The very last thing you need to bear in mind is the fact that, although helpful, many of these gadgets are also a distraction. This means that by just having them on, you’ll have a somewhat harder job of keeping your eyes on the road. Sure, the majority of them don’t require too much attention, as Bluetooth devices reduce the level of entanglement of your equipment; yet, your first priority is staying safe. So, check if all these devices are installed, fastened and set up properly before you head out.

Marcus is computer systems analyst and a adrenaline junkie. In his spare time he writes about his experiences whenever possible. When he is not on the clock , you can find him doing something extreme or just enjoying the outdoors.

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