Today, many bloggers are making a nice amount of money. It is a widespread opinion that it’s possible only if they are having good facility of apps with them. Here are the top ten apps for newcomers that will definitely be useful for them, and help make them the best blogger they can be.

  • Tumblr: This for the people that runs tumblr blog and this you are able to manage drafts, queue post and even you are able to create new posts.
  • Google Analytics: It helps in managing the analytics dashboard and you are able to see the status from your blog.
  • WordPress: This is also very useful app that helps you to manage your self hosted wordpress platform. You’ll be able to edit old post as well as you can create new posts. With this app you can also moderate comments, as well as publish photos and videos.
  • Blogger: This is the best app for the platform of blogging and is very much for creating and posting posts. With the help of this app you are able to edit the post also.
  • PayPal: Another very useful app that is used for the sending and receiving the money. You are able to create the account and also able to manage your account with the help of this app. In this you are able to make deposits and withdraws, check the transactions and able to see the balance at any time that you like to see. If you’re also using tatacliq coupons , you will definitely have a tight grip over your blogging income.
  • AdSense Dashboard: It is for performance metrics that you can view like CTR page view, RPM, CPM and clicks. You are able to see the custom channel as how they are performing. For the blogger nice to see the overview.
  • Facebook Pages Manager: by the name you have got to know that it is used for the facebook and in this app you are having is for manage your blog on your facebook fan page. This is the app that is able to help you in creating and posting along with the updates of photos and videos. Also helps you in managing multiple pages.
  • Google Reader: It lets you follow the blogs and RSS feed and you have the feature that is you are able to sync all the updates.
  • Writer: It is for the people or the bloggers that are very much fond of writing and this is the app that helps in writing the notes and is having the ideas that are very suitable for the blogs. It is very simple to use and the app already has loads of users. You also have the ability to share your notes via email.
  • BlogPost: very useful app specially for the bloggers because it is the platform that is said to be the multi blogging platform by which one can manage blogger, live journals and wordpress and along with this all you are able to create, edit posts, upload  photos and videos and able to manage comments. This app is having visual editor that helps you to customize fonts, insert links, quotes and paragraph styles that you can easily customize.

For the people that are having the dedication and passion for being a good blogger then these are the apps that are very helpful for making them the best blogger and it is sure that they will have the eyes of the other people to their site. If you are not having these apps then you can download these apps from the internet as these all apps are very much available online.

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  1. Sunidhi Suganthi October 19, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    I am a newbie blogger just about to start my first blog on internet shortly. This article was really interesting and unique and at the same time this helped me to get these resource information too. If not all but I am going to explore couple of those in coming days. Thanks for publishing this here.

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