Garage doors don’t last forever. No matter how professionally installed, your garage door will develop structural and functional defects long enough. And when that happens, you’ll have to choose whether to repair the door yourself or engage a technician.  

Picking between DIY and professional garage door repair can prove challenging, especially for new homeowners. It calls for a cautious approach that involves comparing the merits and demerits of each side.  

In this article, we shall provide a few insights to consider before deciding whether to repair a defective garage door by yourself or enlist the assistance of a technician in Laguna Niguel. 

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1. Affordability 

Cost considerations are a key factor in deciding whether to fix a garage door yourself or hire a professional.  

According to estimates, garage door repairs cost an average of $257. That factors in both labor charges and replacement parts.  

However, the cost will ultimately depend on the nature and scope of work involved. Factors like garage door material and age and whether you’re sourcing a repair specialist locally or from out of town also determine the actual amount you’ll pay for garage door repairs.  

Fortunately, you can find a garage door repair Laguna Niguel that charges industry competitive rates. Some due diligence is all it takes to establish that the company is licensed, insured, and highly-rated by most of its previous clients.  

2. Time Commitment 

Some homeowners believe that repairing their garage doors by themselves saves time.  

Many proponents of DIY garage door repair cite the often tedious process of finding qualified garage door companies. They further claim that it’s even harder to find a garage door technician who promises stellar workmanship at budget-friendly rates.  

However, these assertions aren’t always true. It’s a lot easier to find a garage door specialist, depending on where you look.  

As hinted, begin by establishing the company’s reputation. That would entail reading online reviews for insights into client feedback regarding the contractor’s products and services. You may also want to establish the company’s proof of existence by authenticating their physical address and contact information. Remember to ask for evidence of license and insurance, too.  

While finding a qualified garage door technician may require some digging, working with them is ultimately time-saving. You can go about your routine as the contractor takes care of the repair project. 

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3. Skills and Experience 

Do you possess the skills required to fix a garage door malfunction?  

That’s a pertinent question when deciding between DIY and professional garage door repair.  

Certain garage door repairs don’t require specialized skills. One such issue is lubricating the moving parts.  

Experts recommend lubricating all of a garage door’s moving components, such as rollers, hinges, and tracks. This helps reduce friction, prevent rusting, and enhance the door’s overall performance.  

Insist on silicone-based lubricants rather than oil-based ones. The latter can attract dust and debris, which might settle on your garage door and cause more issues.  

Other garage door repairs that you can undertake by yourself include; 

  • Cleaning the tracks 
  • Tightening loose hardware, such as screws, nuts, and bolts 
  • Resetting the garage door opener 
  • Replacing the weather-stripping material 

Meanwhile, other garage door repairs should be left to professionals.  

For instance, never attempt to realign a mistracked garage door. That could result in severe bodily harm or further damage to the door itself.  

It’s also best to let professionals replace any frayed or snapped garage door cables, damaged panels, or broken springs. 

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4. Tools and Implements 

To perform a successful garage door repair, you must first procure replacement parts. This is necessary if certain components are irreparably damaged.  

When it comes to the actual repair work, you’ll also need the right tools and equipment to complete the project successfully.  

Many of these tools are quite costly. So, you’ll incur additional expenses if you don’t already have them. That’s if you can find the equipment in the first place.  

Moreover, certain garage door repair implements require specialized skills to assemble and handle.  

Working with garage door technicians eliminates the need to invest in extra equipment. Besides, it shortens the set-up time.  

5. Warranties and Guarantees 

Whether you fix a garage door or enlist professional assistance, you hope the repaired issues don’t recur. At least not within a few weeks.  

But as the saying goes, you can never be too careful. Defects may keep appearing on your garage door despite your best efforts to fix them.  

If you’re a DIYer, repairing the same garage door problem over and over can be extremely costly and can damage your finances and peace of mind. The easier option is to enlist professional help.  

Many garage door specialists in Laguna Niguel provide reasonable warranties. These arrangements entitle you to free repairs and replacement parts within a specific period after the repair works.  

The mere presence of a warranty will encourage a contractor to deliver quality workmanship at the first attempt to avoid unpaid repairs. 

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DIY garage door repair has its merits and demerits. And so does working with a professional garage door technician. However, upon analyzing the arguments and counterarguments on both sides, it’s better to engage a garage door technician rather than undertake the repairs yourself.  

Finally, it’s important to underscore the significance of scheduling regular garage door inspections. These checkups are critical in finding potential issues with your garage door and fixing them before they degenerate into costly repairs. 

Posted by Emma Miller